How to Take Advantage of Philips 66 Fuel Rewards

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How Philips 66 Fuel Rewards Can Save You Hundreds

If you are among the 290 million US drivers, you know the pain when the current fuel prices quickly deflate your wallet. Many are looking for hacks to save some bucks on gas with no relief in sight. If you are looking for ways to do the same, are the right hack for you.

You no longer need to drive around town looking for the lowest fuel prices. But do you have any idea where to sign up? Do you have the necessary tools for this undertaking? How long will it take, and what are the chances you'll be successful? There might be some hurdles preventing you from enjoying massive fuel saves.

Lucky for you, DoNotPay has a way to help you stretch your day and make every mile matter by saving big at the pump.

What Are Gas Rewards?

A gas reward is a free loyalty program tied to a particular gas station brand allowing you to enjoy certain benefits – just by signing up -- at any of their participating locations.

In some cases, you might notice a gas station brand collaborating with a third party, such as grocery stores, to earn you points you can redeem for discounted/free gas, discounted selected products, and free prizes.

In other cases, such as the program, the gas station lets you enjoy discounted pump prices when you shop with various cards through the app (more on this below).

You also have the freedom of joining multiple fuel rewards programs to save big, especially if you are a heavy fuel spender in different locations.

What Are Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards All About?

With Phillips 66, all you need to do to save on fuel is use the selected credit cards, rewards card, or the app to pay for your fuel.

The Phillips 66 fuel rewards program is simple, pop into any Phillips 66®, Conoco®, or 76® gas stations, buy fuel, and earn KickBack® Points. Better still, by popping into your favorite convenience store, you can earn KickBack® Points by buying your preferred typical products. You can later spend these points like cash to fuel at any of the participating gas stations.

Briefly, this is what it's about:

Savings/GallonUp to $.25 per gallon of gas.
How it worksEarn points for in-store purchases or at the pump.
How to sign upYou can sign up online, over the phone, through the app, or in person. The specific process for each method is explained below.
Additional benefitsYou can save at multiple locations - Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76 gas stations.
Where is it available?At all participating Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76 gas stations.

Deeper Insights Into Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards

The Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards works in two ways, all geared to ensuring you save maximum money when you fuel at any of the participating stations.

Here is how:

  1. Save Up to $.25 per Gallon of Gas When You Pay With either the Phillips 66®, Conoco®, or 76® Credit Cards via My Phillips 66® App

You can apply for any of these credit cards on the Phillip 66 website. When you become a cardholder, you can earn 3¢ when you swipe the credit card on every gas purchase. Alternatively, you can save 5¢ per gallon of gas when you pay with a credit card in the My Phillips 66® app.

  1. Redeeming the KickBack® Points

With this method, you first need to pick a free KickBack Points Card at any participating Phillips 66® stations. Then register for the KickBack® Points Program online, via the KickBack Points app or by calling Customer Service at 1­-888­-339­-7064.

For any purchases you make at participating stores, including any Phillips 66®, Conoco®, or 76® gas stations, you earn points that you can use as cash to pay for gas. However, keep in mind each participating Phillips 66 gas station awards KickBack Points differently.

How to Sign-Up for Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards by Yourself

So, you have decided to join the Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards program. Wise decision. However, deciding to DIY, not so wise. Overall, you can now enjoy big savings on fuel and utilize the saved funds on another important project.

There are various ways to sign up for this gas rewards program, including:

  • My Phillips 66® App: You can download and install the My Phillips 66® App on your Android or Apple devices. Then register for an online account to set up your wallet and unlock the various reward features.
  • Phone: You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-527-5476, and the representatives will help you sign up for the rewards program.
  • Online: If you have technical knowledge, you can visit Phillips 66 website and sign up for the fuel program by creating an online account. Alternatively, you can head to the 'Contact Us' tab, where you can contact customer service with your request. You can also visit any of their social media platforms from where you can get the assistance you need.
  • In-Person: Visit any of the Phillips 66 gas stations and talk to their representatives. You will receive the assistance you need.

Regardless of the DIY method you decide to use, you must be ready for the hurdles, lengthy and time-consuming processes. You cannot complete this process on the go without the necessary gadgets or even the experience to use them. Furthermore, visiting the stations in person poses a health and safety risk, especially since social distancing has become normal.

Don't sweat it; these hurdles are an opportunity for you to utilize the best platform there is. DoNotPay is your best bet at signing up for this rewards program and start enjoying all the benefits.

Get Discounts and Rewards via Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards Program Using DoNotPay

Taking matters into your hands and signing up for Phillips 66 fuel rewards has a low probability of success. The DIY methods might not be your cup of tea if you have no idea where to start.

That is why DoNotPay has your back in three easy steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay and click on the Fuel Rewards Product.

  2. Choose whether you would like to 1) Sign up for a new rewards account, 2) See your Alt ID, or 3) Check on your fuel points. If it's your first time using our product, you'll be prompted to sign up for a rewards account first.

  3. If you chose to see your Alt ID or fuel points, DoNotPay will display that information for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you through a few questions so we can sign you up for a rewards account at your favorite gas station on your behalf.

DoNotPay Works Across All Fuel Reward Programs With the Click of a Button

Are Phillips 66 fuel rewards the only rewards you can sign up and enjoy through DoNotPay?

The short answer: Absolutely Not! DoNotPay can sign you up successfully for numerous other fuel rewards programs across the country.

Can DoNotPay Sort You Out in Any Other Way?

Absolutely! DoNotPay has been designed to cater to as many of your needs as possible. Signing you up for Phillips 66 Fuel Rewards is just a taste of what DoNotPay can do. We can also help you with other reward programs:

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