Lululemon's Cash Back Offers You Can't Afford to Miss

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Lululemon's Cash Back Offers You Can't Afford to Miss

Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian apparel retailer, specializing in such athletic apparel as yoga pants, shorts, and tank tops. The clothes and accessories are high quality, but the store is not known for its affordability. Fortunately, there is a policy that can help you save money on your athletic wear and accessories.

The scope of this guide is to answer any questions you may have about Lululemon's cashback policy. As a bonus, we will let you in on a secret that will help you improve your cash flow drastically, DoNotPay.

What Is Lululemon's Cashback Policy?

Lululemon doesn't have a cashback policy like some clothing stores do. Instead of earning cashback that is only redeemable at the store itself, you can earn 2% bonus cash if you shop with your Citibank card. However, that's not the only benefit currently available for Lululemon Athletica shoppers.

There are currently 21 miles and point reward opportunities you can qualify for, including:

  • Twice the normal miles per dollar with American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Triple the normal Caesars Rewards credits per dollar when you shop in-store
  • Triple the normal Wyndham Rewards points per dollar
  • 19 times the normal miles with Flying Blue For Me when you spend at least $10

How Does Cashback Work With Credit Cards?

While some credit cards will give you a percentage of the cash you spent back within a day or two of your purchase, other cashback credit cards work differently. For instance, the Discover It cashback credit card won't allow you to redeem your cashback rewards until the next billing cycle starts.

DoNotPay can help you discover the best cashback credit cards for your unique financial goals. We can also advise you on which cashback apps may be worth your while.

What Clothing Retailers Offer Traditional Cashback Rewards?

Lululemon cycles through rewards that mostly focus on airline miles and hotel rewards. They're not your best clothing bet if you're looking for actual cash back after you make your purchases. With that being said, there are clothing retailers that will give you cashback for purchasing clothing and athletic lifestyle accessories.

Here are some examples:

Target1% cashbackCash Back
Dick's Sporting Goods300 points for $10 off a purchasePoints
Kohl's$10 cash coupon when they spend at least $50Coupon


If you're looking for affordable athletic wear and cashback on your purchases, shopping at Target is a safe bet for you. If you enroll in Target Circle, you are entitled to 1% cashback when you purchase clothing and other items in-store or online at

Just make sure that 1% is the best cashback deal you can get before buying clothes and accessories at Target. Certain times of the year, you may get a better deal (5% cashback, or more with a bonus depending on how you redeem your cash) if you use your Discover It card.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods is another purveyor of athletic wear and athletic lifestyle accessories. If you sign up to become Dick's rewards member, you can get a point for every dollar you spend and redeem 300 points for $10 off a purchase. This may not sound like a lot, but you can buy a lot more than clothing from Dick's, so you may find that your rewards add up quickly.


When you think of athletic wear, you may not first think of Kohl's. That said, Kohl's has a pretty decent cashback rewards program. Members can earn a $10 cash coupon when they spend at least $50 on a transaction. They can also earn Kohl's cash for purchases under $50. Cash can be redeemed 30 days after the purchase was made in increments of $5.

Use DoNotPay to Get Lululemon Cashback

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It's that easy! That said, DoNotPay can help you with much more than getting cashback and other rewards for shopping at Lululemon. We've got your back if you want to know more about:

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