The Fast and Easy Way to Get Rental Assistance in Los Angeles

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Struggling to Make Ends Meet? Here's How to Apply for Rental Assistance in Los Angeles!

Financial constraints may cause you to fall back on rent and bill payments. The repercussions of failing to pay rent and other bills on time include possible eviction and, in some cases, a negative impact on your credit score.

Getting out of debt is challenging, especially when you're living hand to mouth. Private organizations, federal and state governments offer various rental assistance programs to help needy people pay their rent and utility bills.

With several programs in place, finding the right one for you can be challenging. What's more, the application process is rather complex and it might be a while before you get the help you need.

DoNotPay makes your life earlier by helping not only find, but also apply for . We've broken down the available programs in Los Angeles and simplified the application procedures to give you a head start on your application.

What Is the Average Cost of Living in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the 16th most expensive city to live in, in the USA. The average cost of living for a single person in LA is about $1,000 per month. A family of four members will need at least $3,600 per month to live comfortably. If you’re planning to get , DoNotPay will make it easier for you.

The Los Angeles cost of living ratio on the national scale is at 173.3, while that of purchasing a home is $883,400. With a median household salary at $68,044, only a small percentage of LA residents can afford a home.

Rental Assistance in Los Angeles, California

In conjunction with the federal government, the state government of California has come together to offer rental assistance to low-income Los Angeles residents. Churches and other non-profit organizations also offer rent relief and other basic needs to those in need.

Some church and non-profit organizations offering housing and basic needs relief in Los Angeles include:

The government bodies that offer housing assistance in LA, California include:

The following are rental assistance programs offered by the state and federal governments in Los Angeles:

1. 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

ERAP is a program powered by the state and federal government through the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD). The program offers relief to tenants and landlords who have been affected negatively by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eligible applicants receive 100% of their rent and utility bills from April 1st, 2020. To check your eligibility for the CA Covid-19 rent relief program, visit the Housingiskey website or call 833-430-2122

2. Adult Protective Services (APS) Home Safe Program

The Adult Protective Services in Los Angeles offers rent and basic needs relief to senior citizens older than 60 years and their dependents. The dependents can be underage children or adults who are disabled.

APS clients who receive the rental and basic needs assistance must meet any of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Evidence of the major financial crisis
  • Court eviction hearing notices
  • Lack of family or supportive resources

3. Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing vouchers are powered by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) to offer housing assistance to needy families and individuals who earn below the area median income.

The section 8 program allows eligible individuals and families to live in private, safe, and healthy residences. The applicant's basic eligibility criteria for section 8 housing voucher include:

  • Must meet the HUD's definition of a family
  • Must be American citizens or registered immigrants
  • Family's gross annual income must be below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in Los Angeles County

Additional terms and conditions for the section 8 housing voucher are elaborated on the Los Angeles County Development Authority website.

How to Apply for Rental Assistance in Los Angeles by Yourself

To apply for rental assistance from the church and nongovernmental organizations, visit the website of the organization you are interested in and read on the eligibility criteria before applying.

You can apply for rental assistance by walking into the organization's office, armed with documents that prove you need the help.

To apply for rental assistance from the government programs, find the housing authority near you and walk-in for a consultation. Alternatively, log onto the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) and find information about housing assistance.

Next Steps if You Can't Do It Yourself

If you cannot apply for rental assistance on your own, you should find help from a professional. DoNotPay has a reputation of being the best, easiest and fastest helper in applying for rental assistance.

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How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Los Angeles, California with DoNotPay

We can compose a letter to your local housing authority based on your situation and inquire about your best options for receiving assistance. Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Search for Rental Assistance on DoNotPay.

  2. Put together a list of your income, debts, expenses, and assets. If you need help accessing information like your credit report, DoNotPay can help you get your report.

  3. Let DoNotPay collect your basic information and compose a letter to your local housing authority requesting rental assistance.

  4. Lastly, DoNotPay will send your letter to your local housing authority.

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