How King Soopers' Gas Discount Can Save You Hundreds

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How King Soopers' Gas Discount Can Save You Hundreds

According to CNBC, gas prices in the US hit their highest average levels this year since 2014, with states like California paying more than $5 a gallon. With such news, a little fuel reward from the program can help you save more gas and money.

Since everyone is on the road, it is only smart to let your shopping costs fuel your car, and this can mainly be done by signing up for fuel rewards. However, these processes can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you're on a tight schedule.

Luckily, DoNotPay is here to smoothen the process for you. DoNotPay's new fuel rewards product will automatically sign you up for the program and keep all your information in check so that you know when it's time to redeem your points for a gas discount.

What Are Fuel Rewards?

The fuels rewards program is a marketing initiative created and powered by PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions that provides a discount for every gallon whenever you fill up your car at a gas station. Almost every grocery store and national gas station has a fuel rewards program for its customers.

How King Soopers Fuel Rewards Program Works

Every grocery store and gas station within the country has its unique set of rules on the amount you can save and what you have to spend to receive the fuel rewards.

You can get discounted gas from King Soopers either through the customer's rewards program or a credit card tied to the plan. For instance, with the King Soopers Rewards World Elite MasterCard, you get to earn an extra $.25 off per gallon of fuel whenever you redeem 1000 (or more) points at any Kroger fuel center for the first year, and when you spend $6,000 in the subsequent calendar years.

However, remember to pay all the monthly charges in full for the credit card option to avoid gaining interest in your gas purchases.

Here are 5 different ways to earn fuel points with King Soopers:

  1. Shopping using your shopper's card.
  2. Points from double gift cards
  3. Non-federally funded prescriptions
  4. Shopping items from the store online
  5. Shopping at King Soopers pharmacy and Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Here are some more details on the program:

Savings/gallonUp to $1 off per gallon or more
How it worksGroceries: Earn 1 Fuel Point on each dollar spent on most groceries. Be on the lookout for special bonus Fuel Points promotions and offers to earn even more!

Prescriptions: Earn 25 Fuel Points for non-federally funded Prescriptions and 1 Fuel Point for every $1 of your out-of-pocket costs for federally funded Prescriptions. Earn 75 Fuel Points for each 90-day script.

Gift Cards: Earn 2 Fuel Points for each $1 spent on most gift cards.

How to sign-upOnline or in-person
Additional BenefitsSave an additional 25 cents per gallon with the King Soopers credit card
Where is it available?At Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers and participating Shell locations.

Using King Soopers Fuel Rewards Program to Save Money

Gas is a huge expense for many Americans, particularly those who drive long distances to work daily. Thousands of miles per year translate to thousands of dollars spent on just gas alone.

One great way you can save money on gas is through fuel rewards programs. Aside from King Soopers, stores like Safeway and 7-Eleven also have reward points that offer gas discounts for their customers.

How to Sign Up for King Soopers Rewards Program Yourself

If you wish to sign up for King Soopers fuel rewards program yourself, these steps will help:

  1. Research the reward program that the store belongs to.
  2. Determine the way to redeem your points through the program and the amount of money you can save
  3. Fill in your personal details and sign up to become a rewards member
  4. Carefully monitor your fuel rewards and Alt ID to apply it the next time you shop or fill up on fuel at Murphy or other gas stations.

What If You Can't Sign Up On Your Own?

If you don't want to go through the struggles of conducting a lot of research on the fuel rewards program or consistently keeping track of your points and Alt ID, DoNotPay is here to help. With the new fuel rewards product, DoNotPay will automatically sign you up for a gas discount program and keep all your data in one place.

Sign Up For King Soopers Rewards Gas Discount Program with DoNotPay

Here's all you have to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay and click on the Fuel Rewards Product.

  2. Choose whether you would like to 1) Sign up for a new rewards account, 2) See your Alt ID, or 3) Check on your fuel points. If it's your first time using our product, you'll be prompted to sign up for a rewards account first.

  3. If you chose to see your Alt ID or fuel points, DoNotPay will display that information for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you through a few questions so we can sign you up for a rewards account at your favorite gas station on your behalf.

Besides, DoNotPay can also help you sign up for Exxon, Kroger, and Shell fuel rewards.

Why Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for King Soopers Fuel Rewards Program?

Signing up for a fuel rewards program yourself can be challenging, but with DoNotPay, the process becomes smooth and effective. The new fuel rewards product automates the signing process and syncs all your information together.

DoNotPay is:

  • Fast: You won't have to spend hours (or even days) signing up for a fuel rewards program.
  • Easy: We handle all the tough processes for you, e.g., researching a rewards program, monitoring fuel rewards, filling in personal details, etc.
  • Successful: You're guaranteed a King Soopers gas discount program in no time

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is committed to helping motorists maximize fuel savings. Besides , we can help you maximize your savings using multiple fuel reward programs, including:

Aside from fuel rewards, DoNotPay can also help with other issues such as:

Signing up for a fuel reward program helps you save money every year. When you're ready, visit DoNotPay's fuel rewards product page to get started.

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