How to Save Big With the IKEA Cashback Program

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How to Save Big With the IKEA Cashback Program

The Swedish IKEA conglomerate succeeded in making ready-to-assemble furniture fashionable. Besides tables, chairs, and entire kitchens, this store also has attractive home goods. Is there an option that makes shopping at this store even better? DoNotPay has done some investigative work to find any cashback IKEA offers its customers.

Understanding What Retailers Mean When They Talk About Cashback

What is cashback when working with retailers? In many cases, the retailer will credit you a specific percentage of the sale back to a branded store credit card. The Apple Card cashback program is a great example. In other cases, the retailer may run a rebate. Participation is up to the individual customer, who has to:

  • Buy a specific item during the promotion
  • Fill out an online or mail-in rebate form before the promotion ends
  • Provide the proof of purchase documentation that the retailer asks for

When you follow these steps, the company handling the rebate will send you a check or a coupon for a specific amount of money off a future transaction. Remember to factor in postal delays when submitting proofs of purchase for a mail-in offer. Some customers have gotten quite frustrated with lost rebate forms, missing checks, and missed deadlines.

What IKEA Cashback Programs Are Available?

The retailer runs several promotions for customers. One is in partnership with the Citi cash back card program. Shoppers who buy merchandise with a specific Citi card can receive 10% cash back. However, this is a special promotion with an expiration date. When the offer period expires, IKEA will no longer honor the deal. Moreover, you have to buy products in one of three ways:

  1. Buy it with the IKEA app
  2. Buy from the online store
  3. Visit a brick-and-mortar store in Mumbai or Hyderabad

Another promotion has IKEA partner up with other banking brands. There, the banks themselves advertise special cash back offers for customers who use their credit cards at the store. There are also offers with an expiration date.

Moreover, to take advantage of the offers, you, the shopper, have to opt in before visiting the store. Of course, before you can opt in, you have to find out which banks make these offers, which might take a little time even if you just focus on the big banks with a local presence.

If you have a Discover It cash back card, you will receive money back from the creditor. Visit DoNotPay to learn more about the best cash back credit cards currently available. Another program involves the store's own credit cards.

A Closer Look at the Cashback IKEA Offers

IKEA offers shoppers an opportunity to apply for one of two cards.

IKEA Project Card
  • This is a store credit card you can only use at IKEA.
  • Although it does not offer you a percentage of cash back, it does give you attractive zero interest payment options for six, 12, or 24 months.
IKEA Visa Credit Card
  • This card can be used anywhere that retailers accept credit cards.
  • It offers shoppers $25 off on their first IKEA purchase.
  • It earns 5% back in rewards for IKEA purchases.
  • When you use the card at grocery stores, restaurants, or utilities, you receive 3% back.
  • Other purchases earn 1% back.
  • Shoppers may also earn a $25 bonus when spending $500 outside the store within 90 days of opening the account.

Get IKEA Cashback With DoNotPay

How does cashback work on credit cards? You have to read a lot of fine print. Besides that, you may have to check in frequently with your banks to see if they offer an opt-in promotion. Next, you might need to scour the internet for any cashback apps that offer IKEA promotions. Once again, there's quite a bit of fine print to read.

Some shoppers sign up for PayPal because it offers cashback on some transactions. Of course, there is a much easier, faster, and more effective way of checking for cashback IKEA might be offering: Let DoNotPay do the work!

A simple three-step process puts you in touch with the available programs without having to spend hours reading fine print or surfing the web.

  1. Visit the DoNotPay website and scroll to the 'cash back' function.

  2. Input the information that helps DoNotPay locate the right app or website for you.

  3. The final step is to answer some basic questions so that DoNotPay can help you get some cash back from IKEA!

What Else Can DoNotPay Help You Do?

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