How to Get Money Back from Uber Eats

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How to Get Money Back from Uber Eats

Want to save on your favorite dish from Uber Eats? If you want more bang for your buck on your next delivery, we can teach you how to get money back from Uber Eats.

We will guide you through Uber Eats' money back promotions to help you make your next order a little sweeter. We will also tell you about DoNotPay's "Find Me Cash Back" service.

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Does Uber Eats Have Money Back Offers?

Whether you are a frequent Uber Eater or a new user, Uber Eats offers several ways to get money back. New Uber Eats customers can get up to $25 back on their first order with Uber Eats. Another simple way to get money back from Uber Eats is to invite friends to join Uber Eats. When your friend completes their first order with a minimum purchase of $25, you will get $5 back for your next $25 purchase.

How To Get Money Back From Uber Eats?

? There are many avenues to maximize your cashback from Uber Eats. If you already claimed your introductory $25 and invited all of your friends to Uber Eats, there are still more ways to get money back.

Credit cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card will give you cashback for your Uber and Uber Eats purchases. You can also place your order through a wallet app like Rakuten or get a cashback coupon when they are available.

New Uber Eats MemberUp to $25 Off (Select Locations)Discount
Refer-a-FriendUp to $5 Off ($25 Purchase)Discount
Eats Pass ($9.99/Month)5% Off $15+ Purchases and No Delivery Fee (Select Restaurants)Discount
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card2X Venture Miles on Uber EatsRewards Points
Rakuten App
  1. 21% Cash Back to Rakuten App for First Purchase
  2. 1.5% After on Consecutive Purchases
Cash Back (in App)
Swagbucks Coupon$3 Cash Back (One-Time)Cash Back

How To Redeem Money Back Offers From Uber Eats?

How can you get money back from Uber Eats? Often earning and redeeming rewards is as simple as signing up for the offer, making your purchase, and claiming your cashback. Some money back offers involve a bit more work to get started redeeming your cashback. DoNotPay can make sure you don't miss any cashback on your next food delivery from Uber Eats.

How To Earn?

The simplest way to earn your money back from Uber Eats is to sign up as a new member or invite a friend if you are an existing user. Earning with the other options can be explained in a two-step process:

  1. Sign up for one or more of the following:
  1. Eats Pass
  2. Rakuten
  3. Swagbucks
  1. Make a qualifying purchase.

Earning with the Capital One Venture Credit Card is a bit more work since it depends on your approval. Once you are approved, you can earn Venture Miles on qualifying Uber Eats purchases.

How To Redeem?

Cashback from Uber's Refer-a-Friend program, Eats Pass, or New Member program are redeemed as a discount from your first qualifying purchase. You will not need to do anything after your purchase to redeem these money-back incentives. If you choose to use Rakuten or Swagbucks to earn your cashback, which can only be redeemed through the respective app or website.

How does cashback work on credit cards for Uber Eats? If you have the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you will earn Venture Miles. You can spend the points with participating airlines, hotels, and restaurants through Capital One. DoNotPay can help you sign up for the best Uber Eats money back program and redeem more cashback.

Get the Best Uber Eats Money Back Offers With DoNotPay

If you aren't sure which Uber Eats money back offer is best for you, use DoNotPay to get the best money-back incentives from your web browser or mobile phone. We can help you get money back from Uber Eats and almost any other retailer or service in existence.

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