How to Get Rid of Black Background on Any Picture Easily

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Need to Get Rid of Black Background on Any Picture?

Things can get a little messy when you're downloading or editing an image. Removing a black background from a picture can be difficult, especially if you've never attempted it before.

When trying to make an image transparent, a solid background color often gets left behind. It usually can't be fixed from your computer's photo viewer, so you'll have to hunt around for new editing programs. If you'd rather avoid that hassle, we'd like to offer a better solution.

The Not-So-Simple Process of Removing a Picture's Black Background

If your computer has image editing software installed, you may be able to remove a picture's black background independently. Many cameras often have a photo editing program included with the product.

In either case, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the magic wand tool to select every piece of the black background. Depending on which software you own, it could also be called the 'quick select' tool.
  2. With these areas highlighted, press the 'Delete' key to remove them.
  3. Save your image as a PNG file to finalize the changes.

Unfortunately, using the wand tool doesn't magically from the image's background. It will often leave uneven patches of black that you will have to remove manually.

If you don't even have a photo editor, you'll have to acquire that first. Simple programs like MS Paint only have a manual selection tool. This requires you to painstakingly select every black area by dragging it over with your mouse.

While you can find free photo editing software online, many prefer Photoshop or similar programs for high-definition final products. However, even the cheapest Photoshop program requires you to pay $9.99 a month.

Instead of not downloading any new software, you can also find background removing editors online. You'll be able to upload the image to the webpage and edit it directly from there, saving the image afterward.

There are dozens of these websites available, so it can be difficult to judge which one works best. Sometimes the program won't remove every bit of black background, so you'll still have to edit the image further.

Even worse, sometimes, you won't be permitted to download your completed image without paying. The website probably won't tell you this until after the image is finished--meaning you've wasted so much time for nothing.

When you upload your image to a random website, it could potentially be seen by millions of people. Someone could steal your content and use it for criminal purposes. Using unfamiliar websites also raises some security concerns. You could unknowingly download a virus and crash your computer, losing the image entirely.

Why Is Removing Backgrounds From Images So Important?

Removing backgrounds from images is often a necessity for:

Job ApplicationsMaking your ID photo transparent often makes it look more polished on a job application. However, when you still have a black background attached, it makes the photo look awkward and off-putting to potential employers.
Selling Products OnlinePeople might not want to buy items that are photographed against a messy background. A transparent image looks more like a stock photo, giving it an additional layer of authenticity.
Privacy ReasonsPeople often mistakenly leave identifying details in their photo's background, inviting strangers to target their location. Removing backgrounds is especially important when utilizing dating sites.

Removing Black Backgrounds From Images With DoNotPay

You might spend hours just searching for a program that can even open your photo. Fortunately, DoNotPay already has all the essential tools needed to complete the task for you.

If you want to but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered. We can solve the problem in 2 easy steps:

  1. Simply drag-and-drop or upload your photo to DoNotPay and click "Submit".

  2. DoNotPay will process the image, detect the target of the photo, and remove the background. Your new, transparent photo will be available to download from your "My Disputes" page. To protect your privacy, the download link will expire after 24 hours, and the file will be removed from our servers.

DoNotPay is the best way to remove an image's background because:

  • You simply upload, click, and save.
  • No more worrying about finding the right software out of hundreds of options.
  • DoNotPay delivers a high-quality image every time--and we won't charge you a cent.

DoNotPay Can Touch Up Any Photo in Seconds

Can't get rid of the blue or white background stuck to your image? It's not a problem for DoNotPay. Whether it's a solid color or a real-life background, our Background Remover can delete it in seconds.

You also don't have to worry about software compatibility issues. The Background Remover works just as well on your Macbook as it does on a Dell.

DoNotPay Offers Simple Solutions to Any Problem

DoNotPay prides itself on taking the stress out of everyday problems, like editing photos. We can also assist customers with:

Even simple tasks are often more complicated than they seem. In contrast, the DoNotPay process is always quick and straightforward.

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