Easily Access Help With Rent In Denver

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How to Find Help With Rent in Denver

Denver residents have several options for help with late rent. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is the most well-known right now since it is part of the overall Covid relief funding. There are other resources for rent help in the city, from both public and private sources.

If you live in Denver and are having a hard time paying your rent, keep reading to learn tips on how you can get .

ERAP Funding

The federal government has given the City of Denver over $21 million to help residents who need help with housing costs due to Covid. As of late August, only $800,000 had been distributed. This sets Denver apart from other cities, where the housing money ran out several months ago.

According to the US Treasury Department, the need for rental assistance can be a direct or indirect result of Covid. If you've lost your job at any time since April of 2020, you could make the argument that your lack of employment is an indirect result of Covid, especially if you work in a service industry. If you need help with rent today, don’t be embarrassed or afraid to get assistance.

What ERAP Covers

ERAP will cover rental expenses going back to April 2020, with a maximum of 15 months of help available. If this seems like landlords have really dropped off in pursuing evictions, keep in mind that the national eviction moratorium was in place until August 2021, which is about 15 months from the beginning of Covid. The rental assistance program will also cover a couple of months' future rent, which gives you time to get back on your feet after an emergency or job loss.

How Do I Apply for ERAP Money

In Denver, both the tenant and landlord have to provide documentation for rent relief. Either can start the process, but both need to participate. These are the necessary documentation tenants should provide:

  • Lease or other proof you live at the address
  • Government-issued ID for primary applicant, and for anyone over 18 who lives in the home and has no income (typically a nonworking spouse)
  • Income documentation for all household members over 18
  • Landlord's contact information, including email address and phone number
  • Ledger or landlord's statement confirming the amount you are in arrears

Some tenants have found that their landlords don't want to cooperate for rental assistance. If this happens to you, the Colorado Department of Public Affairs will contact them and if they still won't participate, then it is considered that you have provided all your information to get help.

The state prefers that you complete the ERAP application online.

How long until the landlord gets paid?

There's a backlog of applications, so expect a turnaround time of two weeks or so, once the application has been received and is complete.

TRUA—Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance

TRUA is administered by the city and county of Denver. It's designed to help residents who are dealing with a housing crisis or emergency situation. TRUA offers grants to help tenants get back rent paid, or assist them in finding alternate housing if they can't afford the rent anymore. This program pays up to three months rent, and one month's help with Xcel Energy and Denver Water.

How to apply for TRUA assistance

  1. Call 311 and press 6 when prompted.
  2. A City staffer will ask for your zip code, and then direct you to the non-profit in your area that administers TRUA funds
  3. Call that agency, and leave a message with the phone bank. Identify the type of assistance you need—rent, power, or water
  4. The agency will respond within 48 hours and send you the application form. You'll need this information for the application.
  • Proof you are a Denver resident
  • Copy of your photo ID
  • Household income documentation
  • Reasons for housing crisis
  • Other supporting documents that may be required
  1. Complete the application and return it with the supporting documents. If anything is missing, the application won't be processed until everything is in the file.
  2. A housing counselor will contact you with your application status. Once it's approved, TRUA sends the funds directly to your landlord.

Where to Apply for TRUA Help

Denver prefers that you apply online. You can also call for information at (888) 480-0066, or apply in person at one of the following locations during normal business hours:

OfficeAddressPhone Number
Denver Human Services1200 Federal Boulevard

Denver, CO 80204

Denver Human Services - East Office3815 Steele Street

Denver, CO 80205

Arie P. Taylor Municipal Center4685 Peoria Street

Denver, CO 80239


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