Does CVS Do Cash Back Offers?

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Does CVS Do Cash Back?

Cash is still here with us even as the financial landscape continues to transition into a cashless economy. That's because many people still opt for cash-only transactions, with most deeming the envelope system budget a frugal way to save money.

Every time you need cash, seeking a close-by ATM is your likely first instinct. But coming across your bank's no-fee ATM can prove time-consuming, whereas utilizing an out-of-network ATM can see you pay high fees. It's thus fair to think of the cashback feature as a customer's blessing in disguise.

With CVS being a frequently visited and renowned pharmacy in the US, you may be asking yourself:? We'll get right into that shortly, along with how DoNotPay can help you access the best cashback options.

Does CVS Do Cash-Backs?

Yes. CVS offers cashback and has been doing so for some time now. However, it does limit the service, allowing customers to enjoy free cashback not exceeding $35 per transaction. Suppose you need a higher cashback amount; you may have to visit another CVS retail store or rather make another transaction.

Luckily enough, CVS does not set a minimum spend limit for you to qualify for cashback. You'll only need to inform the cashier of the extra cash you need, and they'll add it to your total checkout bill. For instance, suppose you make a purchase worth $25 and wish to receive an $18 cashback; the amount to pay at the cash register will total $43.

Even if you purchase something worth less than a dollar, say, a newspaper costing $0.75, you'll still be eligible for the $35 cashback. In this case, the cashier will deduct $35.75 and hand you $35 in cash.

Best part? CVS offers cash back at zero charges. With the only condition being that you make a purchase, CVS offers cashback as a good-faith gesture to lure customers.

How to Get Cash Back at CVS

Provided you're using a debit card, is nothing but plain sailing. However, if your primary goal is to receive cash back, find something you were looking to purchase anyway or rather a low-cost item. That way, you don't get to misspend any money.

If you're already at CVS to acquire other items, you could take that opportunity to get cashback. After all, there's a high chance you might need it soon, saving yourself the time and gas of having to seek out an ATM.

It's important to note that CVS only allows cashback on debit card purchases. In other words, it doesn't cover credit cards or contactless payments like those made through PayPal or Apple Pay. However, credit card cash backs have one exception – the Discover Card, which boasts a "cash over" feature. So, customers using a Discover Card cut it for the CVS cashback service.

Moreover, CVS doesn't offer cashback on purchases made with a check. That's because processing checks tend to take longer, unlike electronic payment methods, and can hence invite or support fraudulent activity.

What Other Stores Offer Cash Back?

CVS isn't the only store that offers the cashback service. Several other retailer drugstores and supermarkets also allow purchases with cashback to their customers. For stores offering cashback on credit card and debit card purchases, the process is just as straightforward as that of CVS.

Some of these other stores include:

TargetWalmartKrogerDollar General
WalgreensCostcoSam's ClubSafeway

How to Earn Cash Back on CVS Purchases on Your Own

The procedure for getting cashback after purchasing at CVS is as follows:

  1. When it's time to transact for your purchase, either the teller will ask whether you need cashback or have the card reader display the inquiry.
  2. Answer yes and specify the cash amount you wish to receive as cashback, keeping the $35 limit in mind.
  3. The cashier will add the cashback amount to your transaction's total and request you to confirm if the total amount is correct.
  4. After they're done processing the transaction, expect to receive your purchased items alongside the requested cashback amount. Inform the teller of your preferred denominations, and provided they are available, you'll receive the cashback in your specified bill combination.
  5. Keep in mind that the total transaction amount will be debited immediately.

How DoNotPay Can Help

DoNotPay can help you find the best cash back options available and only in three easy steps:

  1. Search for Cash Back on the DoNotPay website.

  2. Kick-off the process to find the right app or website for you.

  3. Answer some specific questions so that we can help you start making money!

And that's it! DoNotPay will help you access the best cashback options available, helping you earn more cash on your purchases.

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