How to Check My Section 8 Status on a Waiting List Online

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How to Check My Section 8 Status on a Waiting List Online

If you've already applied for Section 8 in the past, you may be asking yourself how do I go about ? You typically need to wait for an email or other form of communication from the Housing Authority where you applied.

You can work with DoNotPay if you have not yet applied and need assistance in doing so.

How Do I Check My Status?

Find the contact information for the Housing Authority where you applied. This is typically set by city or county. You may be able to see your status online or call and ask for an update.

Note that you cannot get an update until your application has actually been processed. If you just applied in the past few weeks and have not heard back, then the form has most likely not been looked at yet. Give it time, as there are thousands of people waiting at any given moment.

How Do New Applicants Know if They Meet the Requirements?

New applicants should check with their Public Housing Authority to determine eligibility requirements. All states will vary in their details slightly, but for the most part there are similar details to expect, such as:

  1. Meeting an age requirement of being 18 or older
  2. Having no criminal record
  3. Maintaining US citizenship (either by being born in America or having obtained residency)
  4. Falling below a certain income threshold (typically less than 50% of your town's average)

Even if just one of these criteria is not met, you will not receive approval. There are far too many people on the waiting list in need of help each year. They only offer assistance to those who are in the most dire need and adhere to the qualifications set.

Circumstances That Disqualify My Application

The question of how to go about isn't the only one people tend to have. You may also wonder what could disqualify you from receiving Section 8 after you've already applied. You could lose your voucher if:

  • You obtain Section 8 housing and then lose it for failure to pay or drug use.
  • You raise your income limits by a significant amount.
  • They discovered you lied somewhere on your application.
  • You fall behind on child support payments. (only applicable in some states)

Agencies may have their own set of disqualifiers, so it is best to check with the place where you initially applied. Do everything in your power to maintain proper behavior, especially while living in a Section 8 home.

How New Applicants Can Sign Up

It's usually possible to apply online. Go to the website of the Housing Authority in your city or county and find the section for application information. It may tell you right away that the portal is closed to new applicants. Only so many people can be helped with the funds the city has available, and thousands upon thousands typically apply in a given year.

While you're waiting for the portal to open, be sure to keep all necessary documents, income statements, identification, and other important details nearby. You want to be able to quickly grab your paperwork and get the application started as soon as it becomes available again. The wait can take a year or longer, so getting signed up ASAP is key.

What Income Do I Need to Report?

You must report all income. This includes money you earn from a job, self-employment income, child support, social security, lottery winnings, and even monetary gifts. The state wants to understand your full financial outlook before deciding if you are one of the people who need help quickly in the area.

Utilize DoNotPay for the Section 8 Sign-Up Process

You can complete a Section 8 sign-up or application for low-income housing with DoNotPay's help. Let us know the answers to a few basic questions, and we'll get the information sent off to the correct place.

  1. Answer a few questions about your income, family size, veteran/disability status, which county you hope to live in, etc.

  2. DoNotPay will find the PHA in charge of that county and contact them with all of your eligibility information to determine if you can start applying. They'll get back to you directly via email with the next steps.

Why DoNotPay is the Best Option for Applying

The Section 8 application process is lengthy and can be confusing for some. DoNotPay can help you because:

  • It’s Easy - DoNotPay asks a few simple questions and fills out the form for you to make it easier. We'll get the information sent to your local Housing Authority so the full process can begin.
  • It’s Fast - You don’t have to spend hours trying to sign-up.
  • It’s Successful - You can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you.

Does DoNotPay Assist With Section 8 Everywhere?

Yes! DoNotPay assists applicants in all states, within all cities, with Section 8 forms. Get the answers you're looking for no matter which area you live in.

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