How to Get Cash Back from Receipts

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How to Get Cash Back for Receipts

Savvy shoppers love to save, and that is why it is important to know what types of cash back programs are available. If you want to save on everyday purchases, finding a program that gives is essential to giving your budget a boost. Many programs that offer cash back for your receipts are through phone apps that let you save on the go.

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What is Cash Back?

Getting or other type of program is an incentive for users to continue using the app. With grocery receipt apps, you are asked to make specific purchases to receive cash back, similar to using a digital coupon, only the savings on your purchase is applied later instead of instantly at the checkout.

Cash back programs are provided by many companies to reward loyal customers and provide them with an additional way to save every time they shop.

How Does Cash Back Work?

When you want to earn cash back on your receipts, you will first need to find an app that provides cash back incentives for uploading your grocery and department store receipts. You will have to be aware of what the app requires before uploading receipts. Some grocery receipt apps require you to buy specific items, including specific brands, sizes, quantities, and flavors. Other apps will accept and reward you for receipts regardless of the purchases you made, as long as you have uploaded the receipt within seven days of purchase.

Once you have uploaded your receipts, you will then accrue earnings or points, depending on what the app uses. After you have met the minimum cash out amount, if there is one, you can redeem your earnings for cash or gift cards.

How to Redeem Cash Back for Receipts

Every cash back app available has a slightly different method for redeeming cash back. In general, the way that you redeem cash back on your receipt apps is to first meet the minimum payout threshold (if applicable), then redeem your cash back by either requesting a cash payment or requesting a gift card.

Cash payments may be provided through online payment apps such as PayPal and Venmo. If you request a gift card instead, these will be provided as an e-gift card and in some cases, receipt apps may provide you with a slightly better value when cashing out for gift cards rather than cash.

What Companies Offer Cash Back for Receipts?

Many companies provide apps for shoppers looking to save even more every time they shop, whether those purchases are made in person or online. Some of the most popular apps that give you cash back on your grocery receipts and online purchases include Ibotta, Coupons app, Checkout51, and Receipt Hog.

  1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a popular app that provides cash back on groceries as well as purchases from a variety of department stores and websites. Ibotta offers:

  • Cash back savings on hundreds of grocery items purchased at grocery stores and big-box stores
  • Percentage cash back options for purchases made online
  • The ability to receive cash back or gift cards with earnings
  • The ability to link loyalty cards so you don't have to manually upload receipts
  1. Coupons App

The Coupons App provides instant cash back on hundreds of popular grocery items. Coupon offers:

  • Cash back with no minimum—get cash back on each qualifying item within seven days
  • Shop with a variety of major retailers
  • Earn multiple rebates in a single transaction
  1. Checkout51

Checkout51 is a cash back app that provides a wide range of earning options. Checkout51 offers:

  • A $20 minimum cash back payout, either by PayPal or by checking
  • The ability to earn from a variety of retailers
  • Additional cash back earnings available for gas and prescription drug purchases
  1. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog provides users the ability to earn points to cash in on almost any type of purchase. Receipt Hog offers:

  • The ability to earn cash back on almost any receipt, no specific item purchase required
  • The convenience of linking loyalty cards for automatic receipt submission
  • The ability to have email access so Receipt Hog can detect any eligible receipt
  • Additional ways to earn points include user surveys

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Other Ways to Get Cash Back Fast

Cash back for receipts is just one way that you can earn cash back with your purchases. You can also find other avenues for cash back options, such as:

  • Cash back credit cards, such as those from Discover, Citi, Apple, and more
  • Cash back from Walmart
  • Cash back from PayPal
  • Cash back from Apple Pay

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