Can You Get Cash Back from a Visa Gift Card?

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Can You Get Cash Back from a Visa Gift Card?

You know about rewards programs with traditional Visa credit cards, but you might be wondering: Yes! Visa's Five Back Visa Gift Card lets you do just that when you shop at participating merchants.

But wait! Cash back on pre-paid gift cards? Is that a thing? Many people don't realize that you can earn cash back from gift cards—they think it's only a perk that comes with credit cards. But if you're shopping for someone else, or you received a gift card but don't know how to get your rewards, you could be leaving money on the table.

So how do you cash in those rewards? Let's take a look at the Visa Five Back gift card's cash back policies to find out how. Then you'll learn why DoNotPay comes in handy: We can help you get the money you deserve, without the hassle.

Five Things You Need to Know About the Five Back Visa Gift Card

Do you have questions? Want to know how the Visa Five Back card works? Here's the scoop!

1. Can I add money to my Visa Five Back gift card?

Gift cards differ from other prepaid cards in that the only two times money can be added to the card are

  1. When it's purchased
  2. When partner businesses refund five percent of their charges

Once your card reaches a $0.00 balance, the card is deemed invalid. The same applies when the card has passed its expiration date.

2. What businesses take part in the cash back program?

Chances are, the places you frequent have partnered with Visa for this kickback program. Here's a partial list of the hundreds of businesses that will rebate five percent of the total charge on your gift card:

American EagleBass Pro ShopsCrate and BarrelDave and BustersFamous Footwear
GapHard Rock CafeJourney’sKrispy KremeLane Bryant
Neiman MarcusOutbreak SteakhousePotttery BarnRoyal CaribbeanSephora
ShutterflyTop GolfUnder ArmorWayfairYankee Candle

Keep in mind that while any business that accepts Visa cards will accept the Five Back Visa gift card, they may not participate in the cash back program.

3. Is the cash back rebate immediately deposited to my card?

No, so hold off on "re-spending" that cash back amount after you've made a big purchase! It can take about two days before the funds are reloaded onto your card.

4. Can I withdraw cash from my Five Back Visa gift card?

"Cash back" has two meanings: You can get cash back for purchases, as we're discussing here, and there's getting cash back at the register when using a debit or credit card. Unfortunately, the latter doesn't apply to most gift cards, including the Five Back card.

5. Are there other ways I can get cash back with a Visa gift card purchase?

You might not be able to get cold, hard cash directly from your gift card, but of course, you can keep a sharp eye out for rebates. Or you can use DoNotPay to do the heavy lifting for you, finding you deals on future or recent purchases.

You Can Get Cash Back from Visa Card Purchases with DoNotPay!

We can't help you withdraw money from your Visa gift card, but we can help you with other credit and debit cards, whether they're issued by your bank or through retail brands. And, as mentioned above, we can get you cash back rebates from purchases you've made. Here's how to get started in three easy steps:

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