How to Claim Berkeley County’s Rental Assistance

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How to Claim Berkeley County’s Rental Assistance

Have you ever run into a particularly debilitating housing situation in Berkeley? You may have suffered a sudden job loss or hit a snag in your finances. However, with Berkeley County Rental Assistance, you will have a bit of wiggle room. Counties across the US have existing rental assistance programs to cater to the disadvantaged. These are essentially safety net programs that secure you as you get your finances in order.

Finding avenues for shouldn't be a hassle. DoNotPay provides a simple yet effective way to find rental assistance in Berkeley County.

Rental Assistance in Berkeley County

Berkeley Housing Retention Program

It is essential to learn about the existing . This program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), provides cash grants to Berkeley residents based on the assumption that they would make rent if it weren't for a temporary and unexpected emergency or financial obstacle. To qualify, applicants must produce:

  • An eviction notice.
  • Proof that they can maintain their monthly rent and costs when their financial setback is handled.
  • Income evidence proving that household rates are below 80% of Area Median Income.

Other documents to be provided include:

  • Duly filled application.
  • Photo ID or social security documents for household members above 18 years.
  • Lease or rental agreement.
  • W-9 Tax form.

The program awards a maximum housing or rental subsidy of $2,000 to qualifying residents. After COVID-19, the maximum amount was raised to $10,000. The program currently has eight administering entities that assist, including the East Bay Community Law Center and several senior centers. While this rental assistance program typically provides one-time cash payments, it also provides small amounts of money to help cover bills and rent over months in the hopes that the household's revenue will grow with time.

Rental Assistance for Seniors in Berkeley County

There are various subsidized housing choices for low-income senior citizens in Berkeley. It includes 8 Satellite Housing facilities, 2 Resources for Community Development institutions, and nearly 2,000 Section 8 vouchers.

How to Apply for Rent Relief in Berkeley County on Your Own

These are just but a few of the rental assistance resources available:

Berkeley Housing Retention ProgramLeave a message with Berkeley's Eviction Defense Center (EDC) to apply for rent relief. Include your name and mobile number, and verify that you are a County resident requesting assistance in the message. An EDC representative will contact you promptly to assess your eligibility. You can call EDC on 510-452-4541.

On the other hand, you may send them a mail addressed to the details below:

City of Berkeley - Housing and Community Services Department

2180 Milvia Street

2nd Floor

Berkeley, CA 94704

Emergency Assistance ProgramThis program helps Berkeley residents who are can’t pay rent due to emergencies such as COVID-19. The program is federally funded by the US Department of Treasury. In 2021 alone, the program received $11.89 million in funding.

To be eligible for assistance, one member of the applying households must:

  1. Demonstrate risk of suffering housing instability or homelessness.
  2. Have household income under 80% of Area Median.
  3. Qualify for unemployment, have suffered a job loss or other instability due to an emergency such as COVID-19.

The assistance program covers rent, rental defaults, and utilities. Gas, water and sewage, garbage pickup, and energy bills such as fuel oil are also eligible. All payments will be channeled to landlords and utility companies directly.

Individuals can apply for assistance online through ERA's website or call the program's hotline at 843-377-8507. Paper applications can be made upon request.

Berkeley County Section 8 Housing AssistanceSection 8 housing vouchers pay Berkeley County residents an equivalent of $600 every month in rent. The average voucher bearer in Berkeley pays $400 in rent. The maximum amount the Section 8 voucher can pay is $892-$1,090 for a 2-bedroom unit. Eligibility is pegged to extremely low-income families, at least 50-30% of area median income).

Applicants can apply online through the city's website or phone at (510) 981-5470. Applicants can also pick up and mail back applications through:

Berkeley County leasing office

1719 University Avenue

Berkeley NCA 94703

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in Berkeley County With DoNotPay

We can compose a letter to your local housing authority based on your situation and inquire about your best options for receiving assistance. Here are the 4 steps:

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  4. Lastly, DoNotPay will send your letter to your local housing authority.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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