How To Claim Your Atopica Rebate The Easy Way

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Claim Your Atopica Rebate With DoNotPay

Rebates are a great way to save money on countless purchases. However, businesses plan that many customers won't actually go through the effort of claiming these rebates. Such is the case when trying to claim a rebate for Atopica.

Atopica is a pharmaceutical medicine to treat dermatitis for cats and dogs. The drug is owned by Elanco, which offers rebates through their "your pet and you" promotions. Claiming an can be a little confusing. DoNotPay can easily complete the rebate process for you. Or if you wish, you can follow our how-to guide below.

How Does the Atopica Rebate Work?

  • Atopica rebates are promotional and are not available year-round.
  • Generally, you can expect a rebate amount to be between $7-$20 when buying two boxes of Atopica
  • Actual rebate amounts will vary based on dosage, amount purchased, and if it's for a dog or cat.
  • If you create an account with Elanco's "your pet and you program," and provide your pet's details, you are likely to receive promotional emails about Atopica rebates.

How Can I Get an Atopica Rebate?

  1. You must first create an account with Elanco's "your pet and you" program.
  2. Accounts can be made quickly if you authorize access to your Gmail or Facebook account.
  3. After creating a "your pet & you" account, you can browse Atopica's rebate page
  4. Depending on when you look at the rebate page, there may or may not be a rebate opportunity for Atopica.
  5. Rebates are generally updated once every two months. If there is not an Atopica rebate currently available, it is worth checking again in the near future.

How to Claim a Rebate for Atopica

  1. From the rebates page, choose the "select brand" icon on the far right page.
  2. From the drop-down, you can quickly select Atopica
  3. Make sure that you purchased Atopica within the valid purchase date.
  4. Select "claim rebate" for the applicable offer
  5. A new window will open where you will have to complete a form to receive the rebate. You must provide your address, vet or clinic info, the dollar amount of purchase, and you will need to upload an image of your receipt or invoice. Acceptable image formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF.
  6. You will also need to select how you want the rebate to be delivered. Options include a digital or physical card, a digital or physical check, or a donation to a charity.
  7. You will likely need to complete a digital token authentication. "Your pet & you" will email you with an authentication code after trying to redeem a rebate. You will then need to enter this code on the webpage, and then you will be able to choose your payment option.
  8. Rebates generally take 1-2 weeks to process

How to Track Your Atopica Rebate

  1. From the rebates page, select track your rebate
  2. You will be required to enter your last name, house number, and zip code.
  3. From there, Elanco will be able to tell you the status of your rebate.

Are You Having Problems With Your Atopica Rebate?

  • Elanco has a dedicated phone line for rebate issues. The number is 1-877-246-7654.
  • This is the only way to communicate rebate problems. The hours are unlisted and many customers report having to wait on hold for a long time.
  • The whole process of claiming a rebate for an Atopica purchase can be long and confusing.
  • Many users report frustration when trying to claim rebates offered by Elanco.
  • Elanco has a very strict policy of not honoring rebates if the expiration date has passed or if a purchase is made outside of the rebate period.
  • Trying to change your address on a "your pet & you account" can be a major hassle.
  • DoNotPay can help

How to File for Any Rebate With Donotpay

Follow these 3 easy steps to claim any rebate with DoNotPay, including Atopica

  1. Search for rebates on DoNotPay and select the type of rebate you wish to claim (car, electronic device, household appliance, etc).

  2. Tell us more about your Atopica purchase, including date of purchase, dollar value, and whether you bought it from a veterinarian or clinic.

  3. Select the online rebate option for the quickest results. Upload your receipt or invoice for Atopica, and include the veterinary or clinic information if it is not already on the invoice.

Hit submit and that's it! DoNotPay will work with Elanco for you and get your rebate done quickly and correctly.

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