Where in Hampton, Virginia Can I Get Free Dental Care?

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Where in Hampton, Virginia Can I Get Free Dental Care?

Thousands of locations across our country offer free or reduced-cost dental care. If you are asking where in , can I get free dental care, DoNotPay has the answer. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for dental care on a sliding scale, or in some cases, at no cost at all.

Adequate dental care is essential to good health. Not only does the proper dental services provide good oral health, keeping you free of tooth and gum pain and disease, but it is also essential to overall good health. Research has shown that the lack of good dental care can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Some people avoid getting the care they need because of a lack of insurance or the high cost of dental care.

How Can I Find Free Dental Care in Hampton, Virginia?

There are several ways that is offered. You will be able to locate some clinics with the right amount of research and persistence. Often, the clinics are non-profits and are federally funded Low-income, uninsured, and underinsured families can get the help they need. Finding the clinics that provide these services can be accomplished by:

  • Check with government offices locally. They will have access to lists of locations in your area that offer low or no-cost dental care and give you options. There are federal, state, local, and even privately funded clinics that can provide dental services.
  • Contact dental schools, universities, or hospitals. Many times, dental services are performed by supervised students at low or no cost so that students can learn the procedures.
  • Find dental clinics and health care centers that offer sliding scale rates. These clinics base their fees on your income. They work with Medicaid, Medicare, and the uninsured.
  • Check with local agencies or the United Way. These agencies can refer you to the best locations to suit your needs. They can also tell you what information is required before having access to services at these locations.

Here is a list of some facilities in and near Hampton Virginia that offers free or reduced-cost dental care:

ClinicAddressPhone NumberOther Information
HELP Free Dental Clinic1325 LaSalle Avenue

Hampton, VA 23669

(757) 727-2577Free. Patients must be uninsured and at/or below the 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines.
Peninsula Institute for Community Health4714 Marshall Avenue

Newport News, VA 23607

(757) 380-8709Accepts uninsured as well as underinsured patients. Fees will be calculated according to a sliding fee scale, which is based upon household income and family size.
Community Free Clinic of Newport News727 25th Street

Newport News, VA 23607

(757) 594-4060Cannot have any form of health insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, or The Affordable Care act.

Have a total family income of less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Income.

Community Dental Services1033 28th Street

Newport News, VA 23607

(757) 952-2160Accepts uninsured as well as underinsured patients. Fees will be calculated according to a sliding fee scale, which is based upon your household income and family size.
Park Place Health and Dental Clinic606 West 29th Street

Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 683-2692Low cost.

Who Qualifies for Free Dental Care?

Free dental care is available to low-income families, families with no insurance, people with Medicare or Medicaid coverage, or people who have insurance, but the coverage does not cover all the services. It depends on the service that is being done as well. Preventative care such as dental exams and dental cleanings may be offered free of charge but more complicated oral services may have some cost involved. Many clinics have sliding scales which means your cost is based on your income. Seniors and disabled persons may also qualify. Each clinic is different based on where the funding comes from and the parameters that are set.

How Can I Do This on My Own?

If you want to find free dental care in Hampton, Virginia, in addition to contacting the locations listed above, you will need to do the following:

  1. If you have insurance, you will need to provide proof. Most clinics can let you know on the spot if they honor your insurance.
  2. You will have to prove that you cannot afford to pay full prices. Most places will want an application filled out. You may need to furnish proof of income. Each location is different so check before going for your appointment so you have all the documentation that is required.
  3. Be patient. Most locations will require an appointment and there may be a waiting list. It may also take some time for your application to be processed and approved.

What if I Cannot Do It on My Own?

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, we totally get it. It is frustrating, takes a lot of time, and you may not even know where to start. That's why DoNotPay has a Free Dental Care product that makes it quick and easy to not only find free dental care, we can even make your appointment for you. And we do it in just three easy steps.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to find free dental clinics:

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