What’s the Max Credit Limit on Amazon and How to Get It

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Easily Get the Maximum Limit for Your Amazon Credit Card

Having a higher credit limit on your credit card is beneficial for a variety of reasons. If you have a financial emergency, you can rely on your credit card until you have enough money to pay the expenses. In general, having the maximum credit limit on your credit card gives you feelings of security and satisfaction knowing that you have the most purchasing power you can get.

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About the Amazon.com Store Card

While Amazon is most widely known for its partnerships with Visa and Chase, they also offer credit cards directly through their website. There are two different types of Amazon credit cards that you can choose from depending on what you're looking for from the card. Check out the features below to see which is best for you!

  1. Amazon Secured Card

This card is intended for individuals who want to get started building credit with their first credit card, or those who are looking to rebuild their credit. Features include:

  • Access to free credit tracking tools, including TransUnion CreditView.
  • No annual fee.
  • 10% APR, non-variable.
  • The ability to get 2% back when you link your eligible Amazon Prime account.
  • No new credit inquiry is needed to get and use the card.
  • Maximum of $5 for late fees.

The Amazon Secured Card requires a security deposit of a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1000. If you're interested in converting to the Amazon Store Card, you can potentially gain the opportunity to do so after 12 months of using the Amazon Secured Card.

  1. Amazon.com Store Card

This card is intended for individuals who want a credit card that provides them with benefits when they purchase goods and services from Amazon.com. Features include:

  • Zero fraud liability to protect you from any unauthorized charges.
  • No annual fee.
  • 25.99% APR, variable.
  • The ability to get 5% back when you link your eligible Amazon Prime account.
  • Maximum of $38 for late fees.
  • Ability to pay with equal monthly installments at 0% APR:
    • Purchases of $150+: 6 monthly payments.
    • Purchases of $600+: 12 or 24 monthly payments (customer's choice).
  • Ability to pay with special financing on all orders of $150 or more:
    • Purchases of $150+: 6 monthly payments.
    • Purchases of $600+: 12 monthly payments.
    • Select purchases of $800+: 24 monthly payments.

How Can I Get the Maximum Limit on My Amazon Credit Card?

In order to increase the credit limit on your Amazon credit card, there are several things that you need to do to make sure you qualify, and these factors require a significant time commitment. Use these steps as a guideline to get started !

  1. Make your monthly payments on time. Having an excellent credit history with Amazon will show that you're financially responsible, making them more likely to consider you for a credit line increase.
  2. Contact Amazon's customer service to request a credit line increase. You can do so via:
Telephone for the Amazon Secured Card(888) 247 - 4080.
Telephone for the Amazon.com Store Card(866) 634 - 8379.
OnlineManage your Amazon card

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  1. Go to the Credit Limit Increase product on DoNotPay.

  2. Select which type of card you own and your credit provider.

  3. Tell us more about your card, such as when you first created this card, your current credit limit, what you would like your new limit to be, your card number, and whether you've missed past payments.

  4. Tell us more about your current income and expenses and why you would like to request a limit increase.

  5. Indicate whether you want to allow hard inquiries to be made into your credit history. Upload a copy of your ID and provide your e-signature

  6. Submit your task! DoNotPay will deliver the request letter on your behalf. You should hear back from the card provider with confirmation or a request for more information within a few weeks.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me With?

Helping you get the maximum limit on your Amazon credit cards is just the beginning of the services DoNotPay can provide. If you have different credit cards or other credit lines that you would like to get the maximum limit on, DoNotPay can help you do so!

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