How to File Your Virginia Homeowners Association Complaints

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How to File Your Virginia Homeowners Association Complaints

Homeowner Associations continue to grow in number and popularity because the HOA takes care of many of the tedious tasks of home ownership. However, filing an HOA complaint may prove time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, product to makes this task much more manageable.

Today, over 26% of Americans live in a dwelling with an HOA. Our busy family and professional lives find the benefits an HOA offers, such as property maintenance, utility management, and community amenities, well worth the fee. But those paying for the HOA don't want to spend much time dealing with problems when things go wrong.

Before complaining against your Virginia HOA, you should understand the laws and regulations and the proper procedure to file a complaint.

Common HOA Violations to Look for Against Homeowners

Residents may not file a formal complaint against an HOA for frivolous matters such as disapproval of landscaping or exterior paint color. But several reasons exist in which the homeowner possesses a claim and should file a complaint. Some of the reasons to file a complaint include the following:

  1. You believe the HOA discriminated against you based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or age.
  2. You believe the HOA is misusing the HOA fees.
  3. The HOA ceased to fulfill its obligation to make necessary repairs and maintain the common areas.
  4. You're in dispute with the HOA regarding remodeling in your unit.

Virginia HOA Laws and Regulations

Virginia State Law that regulates HOA favors the resident even more so than federal legislation. The laws protect the consumer by offering protection against most types of discrimination, including race, age, gender, and sexual orientation.

Virginia law also prevents the HOA from harassing or intimidating actions surrounding the collection of past due fees and payments.

Virginia law also dictates that the HOA must keep the property in livable order and maintain the guaranteed amenities. HOAs may not use the fees they collect from the residents for purposes other than maintaining and improving the property.

How Do I File a Complaint Against the HOA in Virginia if There's a Dispute?

As a property owner, you possess the right to file a if it meets the proper criteria for the state of Virginia. You must also ensure that you've taken the following steps:

  1. Make sure to document and organize all relevant communication between you and your HOA and CIC Board.
  2. Review your lease as it pertains to your responsibilities toward the HOA.
  3. Review the complaint process of the HOA. In 2012, Virginia State law required HOAs to establish clear complaint procedures.
  4. Ensure that your complaint qualifies as legitimate as defined by the Common Interest Community (CIC) and falls under one of these legislative acts:
  • Condominium Act
  • Property Owners Association Act
  • Real Estate Cooperative Act

Alternative Steps if You Need Help Filing a Complaint with Virginia HOA

Filing an HOA complaint often represents a frustrating, time-consuming process. You'll want to take note of the time constraints the CIC Board allows your HOA to review and decide on your complaint. If the allotted time elapses or you receive an adverse decision, you may advance your complaint to the CIC Virginia Ombudsman. Make sure to review the following points before contacting the Ombudsman:

  • The HOA missed the deadline to respond to your concern, or you received an unfavorable decision.
  • Your complaint does not involve your dissatisfaction with HOA rules and procedures but instead falls under the guideline of what the CIC defines as qualifying reasons to file a complaint.
  • You possess proper documentation proving the HOA violation.
  • You must also provide documentation of your communication involving the complaint.
Office of the CIC Virginia Ombudsman Contact Information
WebsiteCIC Ombudsman
Phone(804) 367-2941
Fax(866) 246-2334
EmailContact Form

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