How to Fight HOA for Elder Abuse In California

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How to Fight HOA for Elder Abuse In California

HOA elder abuse is a common phrase in California. It involves harassment by the homeowners association, which may inflict physical, mental, and psychological anguish to an elder homeowner.

If this happens to you, you may need the . The professional will help bar the association from infringing on your property rights. However, connecting to a California elder abuse homeowner association lawyer can be hectic.

Again, following up on the case may involve endless visits to the HOA offices, which can be time-consuming. But, you do not need to fret; DoNotPay will make everything easier. DoNotPay allows you to file HOA abuse complaints from the comfort of your home.

California HOA Laws and Regulations/ Need for a California HOA Elder Abuse Attorney

California HOA rules and covenants give specific guidelines for day-to-day living. The HOA may also breach the regulations, leading to the homeowner’s rights infringement. In this case, you will need the services of a to resolve the dispute.

Examples of HOA law disputes in California include;

  • Age-based Discrimination

Age-related discrimination, including bias against children and expectant mothers, is unlawful. Elderly persons and the disabled have the right to own or rent a property and use social amenities in the community.

Elderly housing discrimination acts may include

  • Declining to rent or sell housing to older persons
  • Refusing to negotiate for housing
  • Setting different terms during property sales or rentals.
  • Discrimination Due to Race and Disability

California fair housing and federal laws prohibit discrimination due to one’s race, color, origin, religion, sex, and disability.

  • HOA Debts and Fines

The association can get liens on the property if a homeowner does not pay HOA fees. However, this is uncommon, and the HOA will try to avoid it. If it happens, you will be unable to sell your property.

  • Occupant’s Misconduct

Property owners are responsible for tenant actions and misconduct. The property owner should provide occupants with an updated copy of the HOA regulations.

  • Parking Regulations and Towing

California associations have the power to limit the number and type of vehicles among members. The HOA can also assign specific parking units. The California law also permits associations to tow improperly parked vehicles in the neighborhood. But the association should give notice before hauling the car.

  • Religious Display

Community housing associations can limit religious displays and symbols if they threaten public safety. The law prohibits exhibits that use indecent images or language.

Common HOA Violations Requiring Help From a California HOA Elder Abuse Attorney

All HOAs have set rules and regulations, and these may vary from one association to another.

However, the association may also infringe on an older person’s rights resulting in the need for an attorney.

For instance,

  1. Denying access to social amenities
  2. Not issuing a notice in case of violations and fines
  3. Criminal activities like fraud and embezzlement by the HOA board. This may necessitate the services of a California financial elder abuse homeowners association lawyer.
  4. Recording a lien on a property before the expiry of 30 days after sending a notice to the elderly homeowner.
  5. Elder discrimination like prohibiting housing access or limiting social privileges

Report Elderly Abuse to Long-Term Care Ombudsman

When you discover elderly abuse the immediate response is to call the government on the abusers

WebsiteContact Us
Adult Protective Services1-833-401-0832

When prompted enter the 5-digit zip code to be connected to the APS in your county.

CRISISLine 1-800-231-4024
California Department of Social Services1-844-538-8766
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LinkedInCalifornia Department of Aging
YoutubeCalifornia Department of Aging

How to Complain to HOA about Elder Abuse and Connect to a California Elder Abuse Homeowner Association Lawyer

Most cases of HOA elder abuse in California revolve around fraud and embezzlement. In this case, you will need the services of a California HOA elder abuse attorney. Moreover, you should file a complaint against your HOA.

Here is how to go about it

  • Understand your rights and revise the HOA regulations, statutes, and convents
  • File a complaint with your HOA before taking the issue to a higher office.
  • Contact the board and discuss the issue.
  • Contact or visit the office of fair housing and equal opportunity for complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, or unfair fees.
  • File a lawsuit and hire a skilled California elder abuse HOA lawyer.

Solve California HOA Elder Abuse Issues With DoNotPay

Trying to resolve an HOA elder abuse issue can be challenging if you lack the right expertise. You may have to visit the association and other housing bodies severally. However, DoNotPay will ease the process through simple steps.

Check out easy steps to filing your complaint

  1. Choose and describe the nature of your complaint (neighbors, maintenance, etc).
  2. Explain how this problem has negatively affected you and how you want the HOA to address the problem.
  3. Tell us how long you’ve been a member of this HOA.
  4. Confirm your home address so we can demand letters on your behalf!

And that’s it! DoNotPay will generate your complaint letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for their representatives to either resolve the issue or contact you with more information. All you have to do is drop the letter off to your HOA manager!

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