The #1 Way to File Formal Complaints Against HOA In Arizona

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The #1 Way to File Formal Complaints Against HOA In Arizona

Imagine you are staying in an amazing house in Arizona. You love the surroundings, neighborhood, and everything, but you don't like the HOA. Probably the rules are too strict and are against your freedom. So, you want to know if you can .

Good news, you can! If the HOA is not upholding the rules properly or is not in line with what they're supposed to be doing, leave an anonymous review, file a complaint, and escalate your case against them with DoNotPay. This blog will help Arizona homeowners know what they can do if they have problems with their HOA.

Arizona HOA Laws and Regulations

The Arizona Homeowners Association Act (AHAA) is the primary law governing homeowners associations in Arizona. The AHAA sets forth the rights and responsibilities of both HOAs and their members. It also establishes certain procedures you must follow for an HOA to operate legally in Arizona.

Some of the key provisions of the AHAA include:

  • The formation and organization of HOAs
  • The powers and duties of HOAs
  • The rights of HOA members
  • The obligations of HOA members
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • The authority of the Arizona Department of Real Estate to regulate HOAs
  • Penalties for violating the AHAA

The HOA can make rules about any number of things, as long as those rules don't violate state or federal law. Some common rules HOAs in Arizona make about discrimination against renters, property maintenance, noise levels, and pet ownership.

The AHAA sets forth the rights and responsibilities of both HOAs and homeowners and establishes procedures for resolving disputes between them. The law requires HOAs to disclose certain information to homeowners, including the rules and regulations, and to provide homeowners with access to HOA records upon request. The law protects the homeowners as well.

Common HOA Violations Against Homeowners in Arizona

If you fail to uphold the community's rules, you might find yourself in trouble for the following reasons:

1. Exterior Maintenance

This issue is one of the most ordinary HOA violations in Arizona. It includes everything from painting and landscaping to ensuring your gutters are clean and your windows are in good repair.

2. Parking

This pertains to parking in a fire lane, parking on someone else's property, or even just having an unregistered or inoperable vehicle on your property.

3. Noise

One of the most frustrating HOA violations for neighbors is noise pollution. It can include playing music too loudly, having excessively loud parties, or even making a lot of noise during daylight hours.

4. Failing to Maintain the Yard

It can include everything from not mowing the lawn to not trimming bushes and trees.

5. Unapproved Home Improvements

Before making any changes or additions to the property, homeowners must submit a request to the Arizona HOA for approval.

6. Trash and Debris

Homeowners must keep their property free of trash and debris at all times.

How to Fight HOA Fines in Arizona By Yourself

If you're an Arizona homeowner and received a fine from your Homeowners Association (HOA), options are available to you for fighting the penalty. The first option is to try to negotiate with the HOA board directly. You can do this either in person, by writing a dispute letter, or by filing a complaint form.

If you cannot agree with the board, your next option is to file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Please put it in writing and file it within 60 days of the date of the fine. The Department of Real Estate will investigate the complaint and determine whether or not the HOA has acted illegally. If they find the complaint is valid, the HOA will be instructed to refund the fine to the homeowner.

Arizona Department of Real Estate Contact Information
Main Telephone Number602-771-7760
Online SupportMessage Center
Address100 North 15th Avenue

Suite 201

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Note: According to Arizona law, the HOA cannot fine you without first giving you a chance to speak with the board of directors. The penalty is illegal and unenforceable if they don't give you a chance for a hearing before it's enforced.

File HOA Complaints in Arizona Using DoNotPay

Learning how to file a complaint against HOA in Arizona can be difficult if you're unfamiliar with the process. Arizona is a bit more lenient regarding HOAs than other states because the homeowners are very much protected by law. However, the board can overreach on some occasions. Sometimes you can try to resolve the problem by speaking to the management company responsible for the association, but it fails.

So if you're having a , it's best to file a complaint with DoNotPay with these easy steps:

  1. Choose and describe the nature of your complaint (neighbors, maintenance, etc).
  2. Explain how this problem has negatively affected you and how you want the HOA to address the problem.
  3. Tell us how long you've been a member of this HOA.
  4. Confirm your home address so we can generate state-specific arguments on your behalf!

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