How to Fight Against Veteran Discrimination in HOA Community Bylaws

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How to Fight Against Veteran Discrimination in HOA Community Bylaws

Homeowners associations enforce the rules through set bylaws. However, can make it hard for veterans to live in an HOA community.

The guidelines govern what a homeowner can do with the property and may include painting, extension, and home design restrictions. Each HOA is different and understanding the neighborhood regulations helps avoid fines. Homeowners should also know their rights and how to file disputes against the HOA.

HOA discrimination against veterans may exhibit in various forms. Worse still, filing a complaint with the HOA involves multiple steps, and the issue may take longer to resolve. All is not lost, though. DoNotPay offers an easy way of filing for complaints against HOA for veteran discrimination.

Common HOA Violations Against Veterans

All homeowners associations have set rules and ordinances. These aim at enhancing security and improving habitation in the community. Violating these statutes can warrant a fine to the homeowner. Similarly, the HOA may also infringe on the rights of veteran renters. If this happens, the renter should file a complaint against the HOA.

Examples of HOA violations against veterans may include:

1. Discrimination

The fair housing act outlaws discrimination due to color, sex, religion, occupation, or disability. Homeowners associations can discriminate against veterans by prohibiting disabled veterans from owning or renting homes in the community.

This can also be through refusal by homeowners to make property modifications to accommodate disabled veterans

2. Enforcement of Restrictions and Covenants

Homeowners Associations set certain rules as a way of regulating the actions of members. Failure to abide by the regulations attracts a fine or penalty. However, during enforcement, the HOA can infringe the members’ rights, and veterans are not exceptional.

For instance, the association may impose excessive fines due to violations by veterans. Most HOA fines range from $25 to $ 50 and $100 to $200 or more severe violations. An HOA may violate a veteran’s rights by charging more than the stipulated fees.

3. Denying Access to Membership

All HOA members qualify to use social amenities within the HOA community. The standard amenities in HOA communities include:

  • Fitness centers
  • Dedicated spaces for pets
  • Child-friendly spaces
  • Picnic tables
  • Concierge services

Restricting access to such services by veterans is a violation of their rights.

Denying Access to Membership

Denying access to membership or participation by veterans violates their rights. Also, not renting homes to veterans or barring them from buying property in an HOA community is unlawful.

How to File an HOA Veteran Discrimination Complaint by Yourself

The first step to filing a complaint against HOA is knowing your rights and what you are entitled to. Then write a letter to the HOA board giving details about your case.

If the HOA does not respond appropriately, you can escalate your dispute.

  1. Contact your state’s fair housing agency.
  2. Visit the local FHEO offices in your state.
  3. Contact the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are HUD case managers available to assist you.

US Department of HUD Contact Information
Fax(202) 708-1425
AddressU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

451 7th Street, S.W., Room 5204

Washington, DC 20410-2000

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