Claim SRP Air Conditioner Rebates Easily

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Claim SRP Air Conditioner Rebates Easily

Energy bills often go up in the summer, and we all know why. The higher the temperatures, the more the air conditioning, and the more the air conditioning, the higher the monthly energy bills. To stop paying so much money in energy bills, you can either decide to carry out basic maintenance to your air-conditioning system to improve efficiency, or you can take advantage of the .

Claiming SRP rebates on your own is difficult. The process is complicated as it involves a lot of paperwork. However, you can use DoNotPay to easily save hundreds of dollars annually by claiming your SRP AC rebates on time. Read along for more information on this.

What Is an SRP AC Rebate?

The primary aim of the Salt River Project power and water (SRP) is to provide customers with water and power at affordable rates. In light of this, SRP has introduced discounts and for all energy-efficient improvements consumers make to their homes.

SRP understands the pressing need to create a balance between the limited sources of water and power and the increasing energy demand. Therefore, SRP provides rebates when consumers purchase energy-efficient air conditioners. Upon installing new ductwork or shade screens, you can confirm with the SRP rebate list if you qualify for rebates owing to your recent improvements.

How Does the SRP Rebate System Work?

It is first important to understand that SRP will offer you rebates for so much more than a new air conditioning system. Upon installation of a new heat pump or a mini-split, you will receive financial incentives.

The larger your air conditioning unit, the more money you will get in the form of rebates. Simply put, if you decide to switch to energy-efficient appliances to lower your bills, SRP will offer you a rebate for saving energy. In the long run, you may end up saving thousands of dollars on your energy bill.

How Can I Apply for an SRP AC Rebate?

If you want to apply for a rebate, first visit the SRP website to establish how you can reduce your energy cost by using energy-efficient techniques. The website is full of helpful strategies and tricks to help you lower your energy consumption while promoting sustainability.

In addition, if you are looking to purchase energy-efficient air conditioning, you will find technicians who will assist you in selecting the most suitable energy-saving AC for your household.

Upon installation of a new energy-efficient system, follow these steps to claim your rebates:

  1. Download the cool cash form from the SRP website
  2. Send the form to one of the contractors who work for the HVAC service that you selected
  3. Complete the online rebate application. During your application, you need to have your SRP login credentials.
  4. Patiently wait for a confirmation email, acknowledging that SRP successfully received your application form. The confirmation email will also let you know if SRP requires more information from you.
  5. You also have the option to download the form, print it, then mail it in, if doing so online does not sound appealing to you.

Upgrade Your HVAC System and Save

Purchasing a new air conditioning system will cost you a lot of money. However, when you buy an energy-efficient air conditioning system, you can easily earn your cost back by taking advantage of the SRP air conditioning rebate program.

Central AC, Heat PUMP, and Mini-Split
Package and

split systems


Rebate Per Ton

Heat PumpAC
Good: Single-stage$75$75
Better: Multi-stage$150$150
Best: Variable-capacity$225$225
Best: Inverter-driven mini-split$225

Let DoNotPay Help You Claim Your SRP AC Rebates

Claiming on your own is not easy, given how tight the deadlines can be at times. What is more, the process involves a lot of paperwork, thus making it easy to miss a few crucial details. If you want to easily claim your SRP AC rebates, DoNotPay has got you covered in three easy steps:

  1. Search rebates on DoNotPay and select the type of rebates offer you want to claim (is it for a car, electronic gadget, household appliance, etc).

  2. Tell us more about the purchase, including the product name, brand, serial number (if relevant), and whether you bought it online or in-person.

  3. Select whether the rebate is online or mail-in. Upload your evidence documents, including receipts, and any necessary forms, and confirm your contact information.

And that's it! DoNotPay will file your rebate claim on your behalf by mail or online depending on the rebate campaign. You should receive your rebate by check within 30 days!

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