Searching for the Right Special School for Troubled Kids

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How to Find the Right Special School for Troubled Kids

As much as we'd like to believe, childhood isn't all sunshine and rainbows for everyone. have often dealt with some sort of emotional trauma -- or worse. If a traditional public school setting isn't the best space for them, then finding a special school for troubled kids should be your priority.

Evaluating various schools based on you and your child's criteria can be tricky. It's hard to sort through all of the information available and narrow it down to a choice that makes you feel confident about sending your student there. Let DoNotPay narrow your selections to all the best places possible.

What Does a Special School for Troubled Kids Entail?

At-risk students have a high probability of either failing their education or choosing to drop out altogether. A for these kids puts the focus back on them. No seemingly perfect students who always get it right surround them. Instead, there's an emphasis on helping those at-risk students develop good habits and find resources to help them thrive.

Many of these schools utilize special therapy options to help get to the root of the student's troubles.

Are There Middle Schools for Troubled Youth?

It's easier to find alternative education for high school students. What about middle school grade levels? Does a middle school for difficult children exist? The answer depends on your area. You may be able to find a boarding school or residential youth program that takes students as young as 12.

The Best Schools for Troubled Kids

Whether you're looking for the best boarding schools for troubled kids or traditional high schools for disruptive children, this list offers insight into a few possibilities. Some facilities act as a sort of psychology school for troubled kids. Several options exist for the middle school age range and above.

Newport Academy

Newport Academy is not a one-size-fits-all facility. There are numerous program options, including both a more traditional day school setting and a short-term rehabilitation option. Though the academy works with people between the ages of 12 and 24, the day school is intended for high school students. A facility in Newport Beach, California, matches the name, but there are actually several locations available throughout the U.S.

Robert Louis Stevenson School

Robert Louis Stevenson School in New York offers a therapeutic approach for those students dealing with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Advisors meet with students three times per day to ensure they're thriving and staying on top of their work and mental health. To apply for your student, you must:

  1. Request an application by email:
  2. Read the introduction letter and admissions form and fill it out.
  3. Email back the filled-out admissions form along with any accompanying documents they ask for.
  4. Schedule a tour.
  5. If approved in the initial process, bring your student back for an interview.

Wolf Creek Academy

At Wolf Creek Academy, the goal is to combine academics with behavioral therapy and character building. They take a particular interest in students experiencing Oppositional Defiance Disorder who find it difficult to comply with rules. They focus on adventure therapy in a group setting, which involves everyone working together to complete any indoor or outdoor activity. They also offer individual counseling. Students live on campus year-round at this boarding school.

This school is also Christian-based. Students attend services on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Boys and girls also attend and live on separate campuses.

School Comparison Chart

School LocationCost Student Teacher Ratio Grade Levels
Newport AcademyCalifornia, with other locations availableMaybe covered by insurance5:1

9-12 for day school
Robert Louis Stevenson SchoolNew York$60 application fee5:17-12
Wolf Creek AcademyNorth CarolinaNot listed7:117-12

Search for Schools for Troubled Children Yourself

You can utilize an online search engine and try to look up options nearby. If there is some within driving distance, setting up a time to take a tour would be a great idea. You'll get to look around the building and see how the environment appears for yourself. If you're considering a school out of state, it is still wise to go there to tour the facility and see the place for yourself.

Find the Right Schools for Difficult Kids With DoNotPay's Assistance

Schools for unruly children aren't the norm. It can be difficult to find an option that suits your child's needs and is well-rated by others who have attended. Utilize DoNotPay's 'Best Schools Search' product so you can get the results you desire. It only requires a few steps.

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