How to Find the Best High Schools for Dancing

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Easiest Way to Find the Best High Schools for Dancing

Dancing is an art. Like other forms of art, dancing requires talent nurturing and lots of practice. Your child needs to be enrolled in the best to help them shape their career early. It might be difficult to choose a dancing school for your child. Hundreds of studios and classes are available to pick from.

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What Is a High School for Dancing?

A is a contemporary institute that works to train, educate and prepare young dancers for a worthwhile career. The schools are open for students within specific age limits, only making rare exceptions for highly talented students in other age ranges.

Dance schools typically focus on dancing as the main subject compared to general schools covering a broad range of learning subjects.

What to Look For in a High School for Dancing

Choosing a dance school for your child might be an overwhelming task. Before making a decision, you need to develop a list of deal-breakers for your dream school. An efficient dancing school should offer your child a comfortable and interactive learning ground.

Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for in your dream school:

  • The ultimate goal of the school
  • The achievements the school has attained
  • The diversity in the learning curriculum
  • The condition of the dance studios
  • The qualifications of the trainers

What Are the Best High Schools for Dancing in the U.S?

The best high schools for dancing offer a wide variety of dance techniques and focus on each student's strengths, bringing the best out of them. Excellent dance high schools have a low teacher: student ratio with excellent infrastructure for nurturing the young dancers.

The table below indicates the best dancing high schools in the US, their location, and estimated tuition fees

SchoolAge Limit (years)LocationTuition CostStudent Teacher RatioSpecialization
Juilliard School of dance15-17Lincoln Center, New York City$2,0521:20Non-Specific
School of Creative and Performing Arts13-19New York City, Los Angeles, VermontVaries according to location and package1:13Contemporary jazz and hip-hop
Interlochen High School14-18Interlochen, Michigan$1,6751:7Ballet and modern dance
UNC School of the Arts Comprehensive Dance12-21Winston-Sale, North Carolina$2,4071:10Contemporary dance and classical ballet
York State Summer School of the Arts13-17Alfred, New York$2,2501:12Wide range
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts14- 18Los Angeles, CaliforniaFree6:71Ballet
Asheville School10-14Asheville, North Carolina$57,6501:3Choreography and dance classes
Concord Academy13- 21Concord, California$65,8501:6Wide range classical to contemporary

How to Find the Best High School for Dancing on Your Own

To find a dancing school that perfectly suits your child's needs, it's important to perform your due diligence before settling on one. Each school has a detailed catalog that expounds all the necessary details about its operations. Go through the different catalogs to get a better view of each school.

Here are the different ways you can find the best high school for dancing:

  1. Find a High School for Dancing Through School Workshops. Most schools host workshops that expose the students to career life early. The workshops advise students on the various careers available for them.

To find a dancing school for your child, attend these workshops or have your child collect the catalog brochures from the different dance schools available. The information in the brochures will help you rank the school according to the scale you value most.

  1. Find a High School for Dancing Through an Online Search. There are a number of websites that offer information on dance schools and camps. Such websites include:
  • National Dance Education Organization(NDEO)
  • National Endowment for the Arts

Do a quick search on the websites for dance schools using simple descriptions to help you narrow down your list. After compiling a list of likely schools, compare the different qualities to settle only on the best.

  1. Find a High School for Dancing Through Physical School Tours. Touring a local dance school is an excellent way to help you settle for a perfect school. Visit the high schools around your neighborhood to have a closer look at the activities and learning conditions in the schools. However, the physical tour is not the most efficient method of finding a school. This method limits you to only your neighborhood and is time-consuming.

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