The Best Private School for Your Child With ADHD

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The Best Private School for Your Child With ADHD

A child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn't have it as easily as an average student. They are unable to pay attention in class, stay quiet, or sit still. The kids often act impulsively, can't follow directions, fidget, and interrupt teachers.

In other words, they find a typical classroom environment super overwhelming, hence their behavior. Luckily enough, there's an assortment of specialized schools differently equipped to suit students with special needs. Kids with ADHD can access education in a different setting best suited to them.

Of course, you'd like your child to study in one of the best facilities, and that's where DoNotPay comes in–to help you find the best that check most, if not all, of your boxes.

What Is a School for ADHD Students?

This special needs school for troubled students diagnosed with ADHD offers exceptional support through remediation, modification, and accommodation. The school gives such children an opportunity to discover their full potential and excel academically.

What to Look for in a Private School for ADHD

When picking the best private school for your kid with ADHD, you must consider a few factors.

Their Learning Philosophy

Talk to the school administrators and educators, understand their approach to learning, and feel the school's atmosphere. Ask questions. For instance, how does the school model good behavior? How flexible is their learning program to cater to different students' needs? These are ideal examples of questions worth asking.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Identify the school's student-teacher ratio to evaluate the amount of individual attention available to your child. Generally, schools for special children have a preferred ratio of 1:15, although it tends to vary with the institution. A low student-teacher ratio means more attention to your child, making it better.

Good Parent-Teacher Communication

Like the school-student dynamic, school-parent interaction also plays a vital role in a kid's success. Consider schools that facilitate open dialogue between administrators, teachers, and parents. That way, all parties are on the same page about the progress and where improvement opportunities lie.

The Best Private Schools for ADHD in the U.S.

Conducting research is a vital step in identifying the best private school for your troubled kid. Lucky you, we've saved you the tedious hassle. Below are a few recommendations of some renowned private schools for ADHD kids:

1. Alpine Academy

If your ADHD-diagnosed daughter is between ages 12 and 18, the Alpine Academy in Erda, Utah, is worth considering. It's an excellent residential therapeutic school, employing certified and trained family teachers.

2. Brehm Preparatory School

Established in 1982, Brehm Preparatory is a top special-needs private school in Carbondale, Illinois. It boasts a renowned reputation for empowering children with learning and behavioral differences, e.g., autism, to identify and maximize their potential. The school employs an Individualized Holistic Education Plan, including various strategies designed to create an individualized curriculum.

3. Eagle Hill School

The Eagle Hill School is a private, co-educational boarding institution located in Hardwick, Massachusetts. It enrolls kids diagnosed with diverse learning profiles such as ADHD and uses customized educational courses for different students.

4. The Woodhall School

Exclusive to boys, The Woodhall School is a renowned private school in Bethlehem, Connecticut, ideal for kids who have trouble in typical learning environments. It embraces a customized learning approach that enables every student to recognize and maximize their potential.

5. Middlebridge School

The Middlebridge School is a private boarding institution in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It accommodates kids deemed complicated learners whose academic profile has unique challenges and strengths.

SchoolLocationAgeCostStudent-Teacher Ratio
Alpine AcademyErda, Utah12 to 18$120,000/year7:1
Brehm Preparatory SchoolCarbondale, Illinois11 to 18$80,215/year6:1
Eagle Hill SchoolHardwick, Massachusetts5 to 15$84,450/year (Boarding)

$60,500/year (Day)

The Woodhall SchoolBethlehem, Connecticut3 to 11$76,000/year3:1
Middlebridge SchoolNarragansett, Rhode Island13 to 19$89,900/year (Boarding)

$73,500/year (Day)


Finding the Best Private Schools for ADHD

Again, finding the right for your ADHD-diagnosed kid is not that straightforward. You'll need to identify the type of school setting your child is likely to flourish in, which calls for you to understand your child better. Do they show passion for sports, art, or STEM? Do they want a school offering AP courses or talented/gifted programs?

In other words, several aspects come into play when picking the best private school for your child. Hence, finding the most suitable private schools for ADHD kids by yourself can prove laborious. And can sometimes even force you to consider relocating.

How DoNotPay Can Help

With the help of DoNotPay's School Search tool, you can automate your school search process and find ADHD institutions meeting your requirements.

Here’s what to do:

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Why Use DoNotPay to Find the Best ADHD Schools

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