The Best Semester Schools for High School Juniors

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How to Find the Best Semester Schools for High School Juniors

A is the best school choice to expose your child to quality education combined with new experiences and incredible knowledge growth. However, finding a semester school that delivers an effective student outcome might be a tedious task for you.

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What Is a Semester School for Juniors?

A is a complementary school for high-performing junior high students. Semester schools allow students to step out of their regular school environment for half an academic year, to a different learning setting. Students gain both academic and complementary knowledge.

In addition, students in semester schools experience a wholesome learning process; both academic and other learning fields simultaneously. The schools run for 6 months, two sessions in a year.

What to Look For in a Semester School for Juniors

A semester school should expose your child to more than just academic learning. Find a school whose curriculum and teaching techniques are all-rounded and involve both preparatory interdisciplinary and experiential disciplines.

Here's what to consider when choosing a semester school:

  • The price range per semester
  • The discipline the school focuses on
  • Location; city or countryside
  • Teacher: student ratio

The Best Semester School for Juniors in the U.S.

The best semester schools offer both traditional and non-traditional learning experiences. The schools offer specialized skills while giving the student ample time to interact with the environment.

The table below shows the top 8 best semester high schools for juniors in the US.

School LocationCost per semesterStudent-Teacher Ratio
Maine Coast SemesterChewonki, Wiscasset, Maine$32,8003:1
High Mountain InstituteLeadville, Colorado$16,4006:1
The Traveling SchoolBozeman, Montana$31, 0004:1
The Outdoor AcademyAsheville, North Carolina$32,2503:1
The School for Ethics and Global LeadershipWashington, DC or Johannesburg, South Africa$32,9902:1
The Oxbow SchoolNapa, California$32,0005:1
The Mountain SchoolVershire, Vermont$32,4002:1
Conserve SchoolLand O' Lakes, Wisconsin$25,0006:1

How to Find the Best Semester School on Your Own

To find the semester school compatible with your needs, you need to thoroughly research and filter through the list of possible choices.

Before settling on a school of choice, remember that each semester school has different areas of focus in their learning process; art, leadership, sports, etc. Go through each of the specific details of the available schools before making a choice. Here are two options for finding the right semester school for juniors in your area:

Online via the Department of Education Website

The US department of education has an online platform where you can search for the school that suits your needs. Here are the steps for you to maneuver the Department of Education Website:

  • Log onto the National Center for Educational Statistics
  • Search for the public school you have in mind
  • Compare the different schools you find before settling on a choice

Take School Tours in Your Area

Talk to local parents and teachers to gain general information about the nearby schools. Find out if there are guides that summarize information about local schools to help you narrow down the list of semester schools in your neighborhood.

Visit likely semester schools in your area to get a feel of the learning environment and discuss the curriculum with the school's administration. Physical interaction with the school will help you assess its compatibility with your child.

Why Should You Enroll Your Junior High Student in a Semester School?

Semester schools are perfect for high-achieving students to experience learning differently. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider when finding a perfect semester school for your child:

  1. Unique education curriculum - Every semester school has a specific field of specialization. The curriculum in each school is perfectly curtailed to meet your child's learning needs in that specific field of study.
  2. Expand the scope of learning - Semester schools offer wholesome learning, both inside the classroom and outside.
  3. Build your child's confidence - Students get to exploit both conventional and unconventional learning, thus standing out when applying for college.
  4. Student exposure - Learners in semester schools are exposed to different environments and interact with other students from different parts of the country.

How to Find the Best Semester School With the Help of DoNotPay

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Why Use DoNotPay to Find a Semester School in Your Area?

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