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How to Find the Best Schools for Kids With Down Syndrome

If you have a child with Down Syndrome, you have likely spent time researching the best educational options available. It’s good to consider the different factors before deciding on .

There are many great schools across the country that can meet the special educational, emotional,mental, and physical needs of your child. With the right learning program, your child will be better equipped to do life on their own and enjoy a sense of independence. DoNotPay can facilitate the research so you don’t have to spend too much time or money in finding the right school for your child.

What Is the Best Type of School for Children With Down Syndrome?

A child with Down Syndrome is often encouraged to attend public school with their peers. The average child with Down Syndrome will be able to achieve educational milestones with small adjustments based on their Individual Learning Plan.

A child with Down Syndrome can have mild to moderate cognitive difficulty and some will receive a greater educational benefit from attending private schools with more individualized learning.

What to Look For in a School for Kids With Down Syndrome?

Children with Down Syndrome benefit from additional support and smaller class sizes. They are visual learners who benefit from demonstrations and pictures.

A child with Down Syndrome does not respond well to punishment, they are more responsive to a rewards-based system. They also respond better when they are spoken to directly and clearly, using short sentence structures.

Best Schools for Children With Down Syndrome in The US

Here are ten of the best US private schools for children with Down Syndrome. The schools are private schools so they do have a tuition requirement, although many of them receive some portion of the tuition through the local school district and through private donations. The school's student-to-teacher ratio is also provided since children with Down Syndrome benefit from more individualized settings.

SchoolLocationTuitionStudent to Teacher Ratio
Kennedy Krieger SchoolBaltimore, Maryland$71,8006:1
Children's InstituteVerona, New Jersey$53,4802:1
Brehm Preparatory SchoolCarbondale, Illinois$71,0006:1
The IvyMount SchoolRockville, Maryland$36,0005:1
The Devereux Glenholme SchoolWashington, Connecticut$119,7204:1
Triad Academy At Summit SchoolWinston-Salem, North Carolina$27,8003:1
The Hill CenterDurham, North Carolina$17,3004:1
Oakland SchoolKeswick, Virginia$46,5005:1
Chartwell SchoolSeaside, California$31,8805:1
The John Crosland SchoolCharlotte, North Carolina$20,5006:1

How to Choose a School for A Child With Down Syndrome

When choosing a school for your child with Down Syndrome, you must consider several factors, including the school's location, the amount of annual tuition, and the student-to-teacher ratio.

If you prefer to find a school local to where you live, you should include that information in your search criteria. If the annual tuition is higher than you can afford, you should contact the schools you are most interested in because many of them have options in place to ease the financial burden. The student-to-teacher ratio gives an idea of how much individual attention a child can expect to receive in their classrooms.

Finding the Best School for a Child With Down Syndrome on Your Own

When searching for the best school for your child with Down Syndrome, you must start by identifying the factors that are most relevant to your child and family's needs. Then you must rank those factors from most to least important. Factors may include location, tuition amount, class sizes, specialized curriculum, and boarding provided for day classes, to name a few.

  1. Using your list of factors, conduct online searches. You should conduct multiple searches using different combinations of the factors you listed.
  2. Once you have identified some schools of interest, you should make a chart to compare some of the important factors.
  3. This should allow you to narrow your list down to a few options that best suit your child's needs.
  4. Next, get more information about the schools of interest. You can find information online or you can inquire about the schools by speaking with the parents of current students about their experiences.
  5. Call the schools to set up a tour and meet with faculty to discuss how the school measures up compared to the needs of your child.
  6. If the school is a good option for your child, you can discuss tuition assistance and the enrollment process.

Finding the Best Schools for Children With Down Syndrome Using DoNotPay

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Why Use DoNotPay to Find the Best Schools for a Child With Down Syndrome

Here are the benefits of using DoNotPay:

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