Discover the Best Schools for High Functioning Autism in Arizona

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How to Find the Best Schools for Your Child With High Functioning Autism in Arizona

If you have a child with high-functioning autism, you are likely looking for the best school to meet their needs. This article identifies the and discusses some of the factors that should be considered when finding the best choice for your child. Discover DoNotPay and how it can save you money on this and countless other tasks.

What Is High Functioning Autism?

Children with autism are all affected quite differently. Identifying the factors that the children respond to must be done on an individual basis, because what works for one child will probably not work for another. A child with autism should have a learning plan that is flexible as well, because what works today may not work tomorrow.

A child that has high functioning autism is able to function independently at a normal level on some tasks but not all tasks. These children can grow up to be productive members of society. Hence, putting them in the best schools will be to their advantage.

What to Look For in Schools for Students With High Functioning Autism?

Because autism presents differently from one child to the next and even presents differently from one day to the next, it is highly important that a school for students with autism has individual learning plans. These plans should be created to offer the most benefits for the child's specific needs and learning abilities. It is just as important for these learning plans to be reevaluated and altered to continue to offer the child the most benefit for their changing needs.

The Best Schools for Children With High Functioning Autism in Arizona

The schools listed here have been ranked as the best schools in Arizona for students with autism based on several factors. The factors that are most important for your child are what will determine if the school will be a good match.

The schools listed include public and private school facilities and many offer both on-campus and online class options. The schools are listed with their locations, tuition, student-to-teacher ratio, and a factor that sets the school apart from the other options.

SchoolLocationTuitionStudent to Teacher RatioUnique Factors
PS AcademyGilbert, AZ$28,500 annuallyThe ratio is small but not setPrograms are tailored to each child
Arizona Autism Charter SchoolsPhoenix, AZPublic: Free19:1First tuition-free public school for children with autism in AZ
Sonoran Science AcademyTucson, AZPublic: Free19:1Hands-on learning in a family atmosphere
Gateway AcademyPhoenix, AZ$29,000 annually4:1Most available sports offered
The ACESPeoria, AZ$10,287 annually2:1Largest student body
Banner AcademyTempe, AZTuition is funded through financial aid and scholarships4:1Work and play opportunities with a variety of animals
Desert Willow Educational ServicesTucson, AZPublic: No Tuition6:1The highest percentage of faculty with advanced degrees
Gomper's Private SchoolPhoenix, AZ$11,987 annually8:1Customized academic and life skill education
Abbie SchoolTucson, AZ$30,0002:1The most extracurriculars
AZ International AcademyScottsdale, AZPrivate: No Tuition

(This is a Christian-funded private school)

2:1Encourage active involvement of parents

Choosing a School for Your Child With High Functioning Autism in Arizona on Your Own

Here are some tips and best practices for choosing a school for your child with high-functioning autism in Arizona.

  1. You should start by determining what factors matter the most to your child and their needs. You should write the factors out, listed by importance.

Some factors to consider are:

  • private boarding school or public day classes
  • co-ed or gender-exclusive
  • student-to-teacher ratio
  • the school's learning program creation and implementation
  1. Using these factors as a guide, you should conduct multiple Google searches using various combinations of the factors listed. The more searches you conduct, the more options you will be given to consider.
  1. As you locate schools that may be good options, you should start a chart for compiling the information to be compared.
  1. You should conduct enough searches to get as much information as possible, but do not overwhelm yourself with too many options.
  1. After comparing the options, you should be able to reduce the list to a few good options.
  1. Next, you must gather as much information as you possibly can about each of the options on your shortlist.
  1. You should search online, schedule a tour and meet with faculty, speak with the parents of other current students.
  1. You want to gain as much first-hand knowledge as possible about the schools.
  2. You should interact with the teachers and faculty enough to determine whether they are best suited to your child.
  1. After visiting each of the choices, you should discuss the decision with your child, considering their input as much as possible.

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