The Best Schools for Children With Autism in NYC

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Are You Looking for Schools for Children With Autism in NYC?

If you are searching for area, this article identifies how to locate and evaluate these facilities. A child with autism is far more likely to be successful when their curriculum is built around them and their needs versus being expected to keep up with their peers. Keep reading to learn about some of the important factors to look for in a school for children with autism and how to pick the one best suited to your child's needs.

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What Is Unique About a School That Is for Children With Autism?

Some schools are specifically intended for children with special needs and educational requirements. These schools generally offer a learning plan that is created around the needs of each child. Children with autism respond better to individual learning environments, so these schools will often have a very small student-to-teacher ratio. Some schools may focus more strongly on the STEM courses, while others may put the primary focus on arts or music programs.

What Should You Look For in a School for Children With Autism?

When searching for a school for children with autism, it is important for you to be able to tour the school and meet staff and faculty before making a decision. This tour gives you a chance to see firsthand how the school's atmosphere sits with your child. It is also an opportunity to witness how well the staff members who are present interact with your child.

The Best Schools for Children With Autism in New York City

We have identified the ten best . Since each child with autism responds differently, you must identify the specific needs of your child. Then you can use the factors for each school to decide. Factors include the student-to-teacher ratio, the tuition amount, and location.

Schoool LocationCostStudent Teacher Ratio
The Calhoun SchoolNYC$56,7307:1
Norman Howard SchoolRochester, NYFinancial Aid12:1
Mary McDowell Friends SchoolBrooklyn$66,0104:1
Windward SchoolManhattan Lower and Middle$64,4004:1
The Churchill School and CenterNYC$61,0002:1
New York Institute For Special EducationBronxFinancial Aid5:1
Cook Center For Learning and Development Manhattan$44,5006: 1
Winston Preparatory SchoolNYC$65,9003:1
Biondi SchoolYonkersNo Tuition10:1
New York Institute For Special EducationBronxState-Funded5:1

How to Choose a School for Your Child With Autism on Your Own

These are the steps you should take when choosing a school for children with autism.

  1. Make a list of the factors that are most important for your child's success, in order from most to least important.
  2. Using the factors on the list, conduct multiple searches. Mix and match the factors.
  3. As you search you should begin a chart for comparing schools of interest.
  4. The more searches you conduct, the more options you will be presented with.
  5. When you have identified several good options, you can compare them within the chart.
  6. Narrow down the choices.
  7. When you have a couple of good choice schools you will need to contact each school to set up a tour and a meet and greet with faculty.
  8. When attending the meet and greets, you will want to observe as much as possible, any interactions between your child and staff that end negatively are major red flags.
  9. Combine all of the evidence and discuss the choice with your child.

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