All You Need to Know About Rocky Mountain Power Rebates for Insulation Installation

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All You Need to Know About Rocky Mountain Power Rebates for Insulation Installation

Maybe you have heard that Rocky Mountain Power offers , but you don’t know how to claim the rebate.

A rebate is an amount given back to you after a purchase is made. Many consumers make the purchase, find out about the rebate and give up or forget about the offer until it is too late. Companies depend on people not following through with the rebate terms and forfeiting what is owed to them.

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How Does the Rocky Mountain Power Insulation Rebate Work?

The Rocky Mountain Power program aims to pay you back the money that you have spent on insulating your house. The program has very specific requirements and limitations, so it is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

For starters, the house must be an existing structure and it must have been built before 2013. The house must also be in the Rocky Mountain Power Company service area. Electric heat or air conditioning must be the primary heating or cooling source also. The company does specify that electric space heaters and window AC units do not count. It must be central heat or air that is permanently installed and runs through ductwork.

How Much Is the Rocky Mountain Power Rebate For Insulation?

Insulation rebates are paid to power customers who rely on electric central heat or electric central air as their primary heat or cooling source. The offer is good for attic insulation, wall insulation, and floor insulation.

ItemElectric Heat CustomersElectric Air Conditioning Customers
Attic Insulation Incentive$0.65/square foot$0.10/square foot
Wall Insulation Incentive$0.65/square foot$0.25/square foot
Floor Insulation Incentive$0.65/square footNone

What Are the Requirements of the Rebate?

There are a good number of requirements that must be met for this rebate.

  1. The incentive pays up to $1000/year.
  2. It must be installed by a contractor from the approved list.
  3. If self-installed, the incentive is only good for the cost of materials.
  4. Must comply with Utah building codes. Not paid if installed to bring the home into compliance.
  5. Electric heat or air must serve at least 80% of the living space.
  6. The application must be completed and signed.
  7. The itemized receipt or contractor's invoice must be sent with the application within 180 days of completion.
  8. Basements and interior walls cannot be counted towards the incentive.

When Do You Get Your Rebate?

You can expect to receive your rebate within 45 days of filing your rebate claim. This allows time for an inspection to be scheduled if Rocky Mountain Power deems one necessary. The company also has to ensure you have met all requirements like hiring a contractor from the approved list of installers.

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