How To Remove PMAB, LLC From Your Credit Score

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How To Remove PMAB, LLC From Your Credit Score

PMAB, LLC was rebranded on September 1, 2020, as Receivables Management Partners (RMP). It is a debt collection agency headquartered in Greensburg, Indiana, and remains the industry leader in healthcare receivable solutions. If you've encountered PMAB, LLC services listed as a collections account in your credit report, it means you probably forgot to pay your bill.

Having listed in your credit report as a collections account can frustrate your efforts to acquire loans or new credit cards, as creditors will not trust your ability to pay back. Unfortunately, paying the debt doesn't help your credit score, and the collections will remain on your credit report for up to seven years.

DoNotPay can help you clean up your credit report by pulling down negative information that lowers your credit score, correcting errors in the records, negotiating your debt, and filing a debt validation request in a highly convenient manner.

How to Contact PMAB, LLC

MailPO Box 630844

Cincinnati, OH 45263-0844

Call(800) 466-1320

What Is a Debt Validation Letter?

A debt validation letter is a statement from a collector service sent within five days of their initial contact with you. This letter should contain information about the debt:

  • Cost of your debt
  • Name of the creditor represented by the collector
  • Room to dispute the amount of the debt within 30 days (after which the debt is assumed valid)
  • Guarantee your debt will be verified by mail within another 30 days if you dispute the debt within 30 days.
  • Providing a statement that if you need more information about the creditor, the debt collector must provide you with it within 30 days.

If you don't get a debt validation letter, it's essential to request one with a return receipt via certified mail to prove that the debt you're paying is yours.

What Is a Debt Verification Request?

Suppose there are inaccuracies with your debt validation letter: the debt isn't yours, or the amount is more than what you owe. In that case, you should send a debt verification letter to the creditor or collections agency within 30 days of receiving your debt validation letter, a failure to which the debt is considered valid. DoNotPay can send this request on your behalf.

Can You Sue PMAB, LLC?

Yes, you can. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collectors must respond to a request for a debt validation letter. If they ignore your demand, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the state's attorney general, or the FTC.

Alternatively, DoNotPay can help you sue PMAB, LLC in a small claims court.

How to Successfully Dispute Your PMAB, LLC Credit Report

There are several ways you can get a clean credit report if PMAB, LLC already appears as a collector in yours:

1. Send a Goodwill Deletion Request

If you've already paid off your debt or are meeting your required payments on time, you could write to PMAB, LLC asking for your entry to be removed. It's crucial to ensure politeness in your request and state only valid reasons why you'd like your record erased.

2. Mailing a Pay-To-Delete Negotiation Letter

If your debt hasn't been paid, you have the option to mail in a negotiation agreement with PMAB, LLC. With this strategy, you could get away with paying just a fraction of what you owe. Start with offering half of your debt in exchange for removing your entry and work your negotiations from there.

Note: Do not make any payment before signing an agreement that clearly states your entry will be scrapped off once you make that payment. Also, ensure that the deal guarantees your collections will be removed and not changed to paid.

How to Get a Clean Credit Report on Your Own

If you find a few entries from on your credit report, the good news is you can get them removed. Here's how:

  1. Request for a credit validation letter to ensure that the debt is yours.
  2. In case of any discrepancies with the credit validation letter you receive, you can always send a credit dispute for inaccurate reports through a credit verification request. Failure to correct the error or respond to your credit validation letter allows you to sue PMAB, LLC in a small claims court.
  3. If you've paid off your debt, you can request a goodwill removal of your entry.
  4. If you haven't paid off the debt, you could negotiate a deletion agreement.

This process is not straightforward and could span for over several months, during which you need to keep track of all forms of communication between you and the collector. After that, you might still need to sue if nothing is resolved. At DoNotPay, we understand the value of time and are offering you a way to get a clean credit report in a fast, easy way.

Get a Clean Credit Report with the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay's Clean Credit Report product offers you an easy alternative to the tedious process of DIY. You can let the app do all the work for you while you focus on something else.

How to clean up your credit report using DoNotPay in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search Clean Credit Report on DoNotPay.

  2. Prepare a recent copy of your credit report that you can use as reference.

  3. Let us guide you through the four potential options:
  1. If you've already paid off your debt, we'll help you file a Goodwill Removal Request to get it removed.

  2. If you notice any errors in your report (we have a list of common errors you can use!), we'll help you file a credit dispute to the creditor or major credit bureaus.

  3. If there are no errors, we'll check if you're still eligible to file a debt validation request. If they can't validate your debt, they're required to remove it from your report, and they can't collect it!

  4. Lastly, if none of the above options work, we'll help you file a pay-to-delete negotiation letter. You can customize the amount you are willing to pay in exchange for getting the item removed.

That's it! DoNotPay will mail in the appropriate letter for your specific situation, and you should hear back from the collector/creditor in a few weeks.

The advantage of using DoNotPay is that all your exchange with the creditor/credit bureau is trackable, and you can use it as evidence if you decide to sue.

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