The Best Way to Claim a PECO Refrigerator Rebate

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What Is The PECO Refrigerator Rebate And How Can You Claim It?

Many utility companies offer rebates and energy-saving programs to help consumers conserve energy and save money. PECO is no exception. PECO is an electric and natural gas utility company that is based in Philadelphia. They serve southeastern Pennsylvania but are the largest electric/natural gas utility provider in the state of Pennsylvania. PECO offers a rebate program for refrigerators and freezers, so if you are shopping for new appliances, you may be able to earn a few dollars back when you upgrade, in addition to your new energy savings! If you want to learn more about the and how to claim it, DoNotPay can help.

What is the PECO Refrigerator Rebate Program?

The is actually part of the PECO Fridge and Freezer Recycling program that encourages customers to save money and reduce energy usage. PECO will pick up your old refrigerator or freezer if you have a new one on the premises, or have scheduled the delivery of a new one. They will also pick up working AC room units at the same time, though they will schedule a pickup just for the AC units.

You will get a $75 rebate for a refrigerator or freezer and a $10 rebate for an AC unit.

Are all PECO Customers Eligible for the Rebate?

Yes, if you are a PECO customer and own the unit to be picked up, you qualify for the rebate program!

  • You must have the unit plugged in and prove that it is working at the time of pickup.
  • Your fridge/freezer must be empty, clean, and free from mold.
  • It must measure 10-30 cubic feet
  • You must have adequate street parking, as they will not enter your driveway, and your driveway cannot be more than 200 feet from the house to the street.
  • If you live in a multi-family building but do not receive an electricity bill from PECO, you are still eligible if you own the fridge/freezer that is to be recycled.

Submit a PECO Refrigerator Rebate Claim on Your Own

There are two ways you can request a through their recycling program.

  1. Request a Pickup by Phone

  • Verify that your unit is the correct size with the calculator on the PECO appliance recycling pageCall 1-888-5-PECO-SAVE (1-888-573-2672)
  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Monday through Friday
  • Have your electric bill account number ready. You will find it in the upper left corner of your bill.
  • You can also schedule working AC room units to be picked up at the same time.
  1. Schedule a Pickup Online

  • PECO encourages you to have your account number ready, so that you can get access to other Energy Efficiency Programs.
  • Follow all instructions for scheduling a pickup and requesting a rebate.

DoNotPay is Ready to Submit Your Rebate Claims

Taking advantage of rebates is a great way to get some of your money back, but many people forget to submit rebates, especially since many other rebate programs often require submitting purchase evidence and filling out forms. If you want to submit rebates all in one place, DoNotPay can help!

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That is all you need to do! DoNotPay will quickly file your rebate claims on your behalf by mail or online, depending on the rebate claim.

Do You Have Other Rebates to Claim?

DoNotPay can actually help you claim any type of rebate, so no matter where you shop or what type of products you buy, we are prepared to submit a claim for you! For instance, we can help you submit rebate claims for:

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