File a Formal Complaint Against Ohio Homeowners Association

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File a Formal Complaint Against Ohio Homeowners Association

If you live in a homeowners' association in Ohio, you know too well the specific community rules and guidelines governing how you use the property. A violation of these rules and guidelines may result in hefty penalties and fines. The HOA fines are meant to restore order and deter specific undesirable behavior. Unfortunately, most HOAs are overzealous when it comes to enforcing the rules, which often result in HOA fines becoming unwarranted, unfair, and unreasonable.

If you are disputing an HOA fine, the first step is to file an . You may use DoNotPay to draft a customized formal complaint letter that will outline your rights as a homeowner, and argue the alleged violation was either a mistake or unfair due to selective enforcement. DoNotPay is the quickest way for you to seek justice — get started today by leaving an anonymous review.

Ohio HOA Rules and Regulations

There are several Ohio HOA laws that homeowners associations must follow. The laws specify the powers of HOAs and protect the homeowners from unwarranted actions by their HOAs. Ideally, all homeowners associations in Ohio are subject to Ohio Planned Community Law. The law stipulates specific rules and regulations applicable to HOAs. An HOA must also register as a nonprofit organization and comply with the state Nonprofit Corporation Law.

What Are the Most Common HOA Violations Against Homeowners in Ohio?

The following are some of the common HOA violations that result in fines:

  • Failure to pay HOS assessments on time
  • Failure to maintain your home to the required standards
  • Failure to obtain permission before changing the design and physical features of your home
  • Parking your vehicle in an unauthorized area
  • Violating regulations about pets

Do I Have to Join an HOA in Ohio?

If you bought a home in a neighborhood with mandatory HOA, you must join the HOA. During your home closing, you must sign a document agreeing to abide by the HOA rules. This means you agree to pay assessments, fines, or fees should you violate those rules.

Can You Opt-Out of HOA

Although most HOAs have different bylaws regarding membership, it is unlikely that you can opt-out of the association quickly. Opting out of the HOA could mean losing access to several benefits your neighbors enjoy through HOA membership.

What Happens If I Don't Pay HOA Fines In Ohio

If you fail to pay an HOA fine, the association may get a lien on your home and foreclose on your property. In Ohio, an HOA is entitled to a lien for unpaid assessments, fees, or fines once the amount due is ten days late. Apart from liens, your HOA can also take the following action against you:

Your privileges could be taken awayThe HOA may restrict or eliminate access to common areas and amenities such as the gym or pool to encourage you to pay the due amount.
Your bills could go into a collectionIf you continue to be delinquent with your payments, the HOA may hire a collection agency to collect the amount.
You could be suedThe HOA can also send demand letters to you for unpaid fines and any interest accumulated. This may result in the garnishment of your wages.
Your home could be foreclosedThe HOA can also initiate foreclosure of your home

How Much Can HOA Fine You in Ohio

Typically, HOA boards determine the fine amounts in Ohio.

  • Depending on the violation, most HOA fines range from $25 to $50.
  • You may pay between $100 to $200 if you don't pay or continue to violate the rule.

How to Appeal an Unfair HOA Fine on Your Own

If you feel an HOA fine is unfair or a mistake, filing a complaint and fighting your HOA board is essential. The following are some of the steps to file a complaint against an HOA fine on your own:

  1. Research your HOA's regulations and guidelines carefully to get really familiar with them and determine whether you have indeed violated any rule
  2. Write to the HOA informing them you are disputing the violation and any fine.
  3. Prepare to file the complaint by collecting evidence and documentation to prove that the fine is unreasonable, selective, or due to a mistake
  4. Attend your complaint meeting and argue the HOA decision was arbitrary or unreasonable.
  5. Await the decision of the HOA board.

How to File a Complaint With Your HOA Using DoNotPay

The following are the easy steps to file an with DoNotPay:

  1. Choose and describe the nature of your complaint (neighbors, maintenance, etc).
  2. Explain how this problem has negatively affected you and how you want the HOA to address the problem.
  3. Tell us how long you've been a member of this HOA.
  4. Confirm your home address so we can generate state-specific arguments on your behalf!

And that's it! DoNotPay will generate your complaint letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for their representatives to either resolve the issue or contact you with more information. All you have to do is drop the letter off to your HOA manager!

If you're struggling with unfair fees from your HOA, DoNotPay can also help you appeal them! Just use the "Appeal an HOA Fine" product to have DoNotPay mail a demand letter on your behalf. If you don't receive a timely response, you can escalate the issue to a small claims court using our "Send Demand Letters To Now" product.

File an Ohio HOA Complaint With DoNotPay

Fines have become the lifeblood of a malicious HOA. You don't have to pay unreasonable or unfair HOA fines in your home. DoNotPay can help you file an Ohio HOA complaint and ensure you receive justice. Join us today to learn more!

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