How to Claim Monroe Quick-Strut Rebate Easily

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How to Claim Monroe Quick-Strut Rebate in Minutes

Monroe quick-struts are good-quality replacement struts manufactured by Tenneco. All pre-assembled, the quick-struts are bought, complete with coil springs and upper mounts. Various stores and Amazon offer refund rebates and discounts on Monroe quick-struts.

Rebates are a great way of getting money back in your pocket after making an auto decision that will serve you for as long as the Monroe quick-struts lifetime. Very few customers remember to claim their rebates or are conversant with the process, and several retailers and merchandisers always take advantage of that.

DoNotPay is your best shot at learning about rebates and claiming the easy way. Read on to understand how you can save money with Monroe's quick-struts rebates.

What Is Monroe Quick-Strut Rebate, and How Does It Work?

Monroe quick-struts rebates are the seasonal cash backs on purchases offered by particular Monroe retailers. Depending on the retailer, the rebate can be instant or mail-in. Mail-in is the most common rebate offered to Monroe quick-struts buyers.

The retailers make announcements on quick-struts sales or all Monroe products for instant rebates. Once you purchase the goods, you will be given instant cash back at the point of sale. However, this is not a very common rebate compared to mail-in rebates.

For mail-in rebates, you will buy the product at full price and then claim your rebate later. You are supposed to send in the following for you to get your rebate:

  • Filled out rebate from the store
  • Receipt as proof of purchase
  • Your mailing address
  • Your full official name

How to Claim Monroe Quick-Strut Rebates

How to claim your Monroe quick-struts rebate depends on where you purchased the product. If you bought your Monroe quick-struts on Amazon, follow these steps to claim your rebate:

  • Pick a Rebate form on the Amazon item's product detail page
  • Open and print the rebate form before the rebate postmark deadline
  • Fill out the required information as prompted
  • print any required additional documentation to include with the rebate form
  • Mail the rebate form, including additional documentation if required, to the address specified on the form

The process will guarantee you a refund of a certain percentage of the product's price. You can use the following documents as proof of purchase and payment on Amazon:

  1. sales receipt
  2. The item's UPC

All rebate forms have a purchase deadline and a postmark deadline. You need to beat these two deadlines to qualify for the rebate. If your order gets to you after the postmark deadline, even if you placed the order before the order deadline, you are still eligible for the rebate.

Do not dispose of the item packaging until the rebate reaches you. You cannot return the item to Amazon once you have submitted your rebate form.

How to Track Monroe Quick-Strut Rebates

You should check the status of your rebates periodically to ensure that your application was successful. Different stores offer different ways of checking and following up on submitted rebates.

To check the status of Monroe quick-struts submitted to Amazon:

You can track your rebate by package number, your name, or company name. If your rebate is not listed, call 1-800-940-1298 and have an Amazon agent do it for you. If you had a manufacturer's offer, you should contact the manufacturer to check the status of your rebate.

Next Steps for Claiming Monroe Quick-Strut Rebates if You Can't Do It Yourself

The rebate climbing process is often not straightforward. You might forget to submit your claim or get mixed up when filling in the claim form with very short deadlines. To avoid missing out on great money cashback, use DoNotPay's help in claiming your rebates.

Claim Monroe Quick-Strut Rebates With the Help of DoNotPay

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