All About MidAmerican Rebates

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How to Claim MidAmerican Rebates in a Flash

You've probably come across a but shy away from claiming it because you are almost certain that the claim process is too tedious. If so, you are one among many who either forget about the promotions or feel the claim process is not worth their time. Yet, rebates are a great way to save on purchases and upgrades.

MidAmerican is an energy company that serves over 1.6 million customers across four states; Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and South Dakota. The covers a diverse range of energy-efficient appliances such as smart thermostats, air-source heat pumps, water heating systems, cooling systems, and appliance recycling.

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How Does the MidAmerican Rebate Program Work?

The company offers a unique rebate program for each of its service territory states. For instance, the appliance recycling rebate is available in Iowa but not in Nebraska. The rebates come in three forms:

1. Purchase rebates

You can receive rebates by purchasing the company's energy-efficient equipment including furnaces and smart thermostats. You are then required to submit a rebate claim within 90 days after installation.

2. Equipment installation

The company also offers rebates on self-installed or participating contractor equipment installation. For the company-approved contractor rebate, your equipment dealer is required to send the rebate application, labor, and material invoice within 90 days of purchase. If your appliance is self-installed, you can also apply for the rebate within the 90-day time limit.

3. Equipment recycling

Customers with old but functional refrigerators and freezers can schedule a pickup online and apply for a rebate on the same.

The rebate amounts vary on most appliances, but you can save between $75 on a smart thermostat to $750 on a high-efficiency air conditioner. The company provides a rebate on a first-come-first-serve basis and encourages its customers to apply as early as possible. The current rebate programs commenced on January 1, 2022, and run through to December 31, 2022.

The rebates are distributed as follows:

StatesRebate Program
IowaResidents can file for rebates on heating and cooling equipment, smart thermostats, and appliance recycling.
IllinoisThe program covers smart thermostats, heating and cooling equipment, and equipment recycling.
NebraskaResidents can claim rebates for water heating appliances, other heating equipment, and natural gas furnace tune-ups.
South DakotaThere are no current rebate postings for South Dakota residents.

Who Is Eligible for MidAmerican Rebates?

Eligibility requirements are quite robust so the list here only provides a few and they include:

  • You must be a residential customer in the company's service territory.
  • The equipment must utilize the company's electricity or natural gas but the restrictions may vary for equipment that uses fuel.
  • Only equipment purchased between January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022, is installed and functional qualifies for a rebate.
  • The rebate covers only new and installed equipment.
  • Customers whose installed equipment meets all applicable codes, standards, and regulations.
  • New multifamily constructions are only eligible for commercial new construction rebate programs.
  • Participants who allow MidAmerican designated contractors and subcontractors on their property for delivery and installation.

You can visit the company's website for more detailed requirements and conditions.

How to Submit MidAmerican Rebates

  • Email

Within 90 days of making a purchase, installing, and operating an appliance, you can fill in the rebate application and submit it to:

  • Mail

This channel is appropriate for self-installed equipment or an equipment dealer. For self-installed appliances, you are required to fill in the rebate application form and attach a copy of the itemized receipt. In case of a dealer, have them fill in the rebate form, attach a labor and material invoice, and send it on your behalf to;

MidAmerican Energy Company

2223 S.Highland Drive #E6-333

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

  • Online

MidAmerican-approved contractors can complete the application online by filling in the required information within the time limits offered.

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