How To Find Lost Pets In Baton Rouge

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How to Find a Lost Dog or Cat in Baton Rouge

A missing pet is an upsetting experience. If you have , you want them back home as soon as possible. No doubt your pets are at the heart of your family.

East Baton Rouge Parish's local shelter, the Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAABR), receives approximately 8,000 animals a year. It is where Baton Rouge Animal Control takes the strays it picks up and others turn in pets they have found. It is also one of many places you should seek help in finding your lost dog or cat.

There are numerous ways to notify others you are looking for your lost pet and DoNotPay can help.

What to Do If You Lose Your Dog or Cat

When a Baton Rouge Animal Control officer picks up a stray dog or cat, the animal will be checked for tags on their collars and scanned to see if it is microchipped. If your animal has a tag or is microchipped, an animal control officer will contact you.

However, collars can come off and some of us, whose pets live in the house, leave them off unless they are going outside. What then?

Reach Out to CAABR

Address2550 Gourrier Avenue

Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Phone Number225-408-5360

The CAABR Offers the Following Tips:

  1. Post on Facebook, a photo along with a description and the area , to your own page, as well as Lost Pets of Baton Rouge, Lost Pets of Zachary, or Lost Pets of Central City. It wouldn't hurt to post on all three!
  2. Talk with your neighbors and post flyers in your neighborhood with your pet's photo and description, along with your phone number.
  3. Post a similar notice on
  4. Post on Craigslist at
  5. Tell your mail carrier.
  6. Run an ad in the newspaper – According to CAABR, The Advocate will run a 3-line lost or found pet ad for free. The newspaper's phone number is 225-383-0111.

You may find people telling you to get your pet microchipped and to make sure the registration is current. That is all good, but and not microchipped, now isn't the time. However, once you find your pet, it is something to consider.

Does a Lost Pet Ever Find Their Way Home?

Yes. Pets have an uncanny way of finding their way home when they can. You may think your dog or cat ran away, but that is not likely the case.

If your Pet is Unaltered

They may be out looking for a friend and return home in a day or two. If a pet who lives indoors finds itself outdoors, it may roam around to investigate but could return soon.

Your Pet Could be Frightened

Spend time outside during various times of the day calling your pet. The sound of your voice may bring them home.

Your Pet Could be Picked Up by a Kind-hearted Soul

Sometimes those with good intentions will bring in a stray pet to keep it safe and comfortable. Most will alert the local shelters and may post to social media to help get the pet home.

How DoNotPay can Help You File your Lost Pet Report

You will want to do everything possible to find your missing cat or dog. And there is a lot to do. DoNotPay can help you file your official lost cat or lost dog report to Baton Rouge Animal Control and CAABR in three easy steps:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.

  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.

  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.

There really is no easier way to report your missing pet. And with the stress you are under, you need help.

Why Use DoNotPay to Find Your Lost Pets in Baton Rouge

The first few hours after you realize you have lost your pet is the most crucial. The longer your pet is out there without you, it puts them a higher risk of never being found. DoNotPay is your best option to get that much needed help, because we are:

  • Fast - You don’t have to spend so much calling all the animal shelters in your area one-by-one to report your pet missing.
  • Easy -You don’t have to fill in tedious forms over and over again to describe your pet. With DoNotPay you only do the three easy steps.
  • Successful - With you reporting your missing pet right away we have more chances of finding them especially if some kind soul has turned them over to the shelters.

DoNotPay Can Do More for You and the Critters You Love

DoNotPay will:

  1. License all your pets for you. Cats as well as dogs require licensing in Baton Rouge.
  2. Write a custody agreement in case you and a partner breakup, and you want a formal custody agreement to verify who has custody of your four-legged child.
  3. File a report with Baton Rouge Animal Control, if you witness what you feel is a case of animal abuse including dog fighting.

DoNotPay Can Do Much More!

DoNotPay can provide a lot more services than aiding in pet-related issues. For example, DoNotPay can:

And that is far from all! DoNotPay can help you with dozens of different services from requesting sick leave from work to getting a copy of your birth certificate. Have a look around and sign up for DoNotPay. We will help you find your missing pet and much, much more!

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