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Claim Your La Quinta Hotels Rewards Without the Red Tape

Do you know the trick to getting free hotel stay upgrades, or getting the most out of your ? Maybe you do, but you just don't feel comfortable asking for special treatment. And nobody wants to negotiate for hotel upgrades when they've been traveling all day.

DoNotPay offers a special service that, with a few clicks, can help you get updates without even asking! Even better, we'll find hidden membership benefits and rewards to which you're entitled.

La Quinta Returns Is Now Wyndham Rewards

As of April 2019, La Quinta Hotels ' rewards program was absorbed by its new parent company. Your points should have automatically been transferred over to Wyndham Rewards unless they opted out prior to March 8, 2019.

Your Old La Quinta Returns Membership Number Is No Longer Valid

If you did not receive, or if you lost, the April 4, 2019 e-mail with your new Wyndham Rewards number, you 'll have to contact Wyndham Rewards' Member Services at 844-405-4141 to set up your new account and claim your points.

Once you have transferred your account, let's see what you can do with your points!

Types of Upgrades You Can Get At La Quinta Hotels

Available upgrades vary across La Quinta Hotels' locations nationwide, but upgrades and benefits may include:

  • Free nights
  • Poolside rooms
  • Suites
  • Pet fee waivers
  • Military perks
  • Bed size upgrades
  • Deals and vouchers from nearby businesses
  • Transportation service

You won 't know what you can get unless you ask, or have DoNotPay ask on your behalf! You might even be able to get upgrades at sold-out hotels if you do it right.

A Note on Getting an Upgrade After You've Already Checked In

The best time to ask for an upgrade is when you're booking your reservation. La Quinta Hotels knows they have to work hard to earn your business, and incentives are how they can help make a sale.

You 're less likely to get a La Quinta rewards upgrade if you ask at check- in time, especially if you've pre-paid for your hotel stay. If the general manager isn't on-site, they can't approve special upgrades and once you've paid for your room--unless you have good reason to complain about service, quality, and cleanliness--management is less motivated to issue upgrade requests.

How to Get a La Quinta Hotels Rewards Upgrade on Your Own

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. offers two main avenues for cashing in your rewards, whether you use them at La Quinta Hotels or any of the company's other properties:

Go to the Wyndham Website to Cash In Rewards Points

Wyndham has set up a complex website where you can learn how to exchange rewards points for discounts and find available offers. The benefits aren't always easy to find, though, and in most cases, they're only available if you book online through the site itself. The most you might get out of the website is finding out how many points are needed for a free stay at La Quinta Hotel or other Wyndham property.

In any case, there isn't any way of personalizing your request, and you're not interacting with a live, decision-making person.

Call the General Manager at the La Quinta Hotel Where You 'll Be


A hotel 's general manager will have certain freedoms and discretion to work with you if you deal with them directly. Here are some tips for working with a La Quinta Hotel general manager:

  1. Have your travel itinerary and Wyndham Rewards number available, as well as any other information important to your trip.
  2. Have a general idea what competing hotels nearby are charging for your room size, and if they have any advertised incentives.
  3. Call during business hours and ask for the General Manager's name.
  4. Ask if they are available to answer your questions. If the person taking your call offers to help you instead, politely insist on speaking with the General Manager. If they're not available:
  5. Ask when you can call back and follow up later
  6. Give them your number and the best time for them to call you
  7. When you get to speak with the General Manager, ask them the following:
  8. Can they beat (xxx hotel's) rate for the dates you plan to stay?
  9. Are there any discounts available beyond your AAA, military, senior citizens, or rewards allowances?
  10. Are any of the earlier listed potential benefits available to you?
  11. If the General Manager is able to accommodate your request, ask when and how the upgrade will show on your reservation or final bill.

Be polite, professional, and firm, and remember that there is no harm in asking for special rewards and privileges, especially if you are a member of the Wyndham Rewards program. Keep notes on your conversation, including the time, date, and names of the persons you have spoken with.

Have Donotpay Submit Your La Quinta Hotels Rewards and Upgrade Request

Nobody likes the feeling of "begging" for hotel perks, even if they're owed you or often used as incentives to book a stay. And even fewer people like to dig through websites or phone directories to find the information and contact persons they need.

Wouldn't it be great to have a virtual travel agent do all this for you? That's what DoNotPay can do with just four easy steps:

How to get an upgrade at a La Quinta hotel using DoNotPay:

If you want to get an upgrade at La Quinta hotel but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of the hotel you're staying at, including the location.
  2. Tell us the dates of your stay, who you're staying with, whether it's your first time, and whether you're a loyalty rewards member at the hotel.
  3. Tell us if it's a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and any specific upgrades you want to request.
  4. Tell us your current room and confirmation number.

Other Ways DoNotPay Can Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

DoNotPay doesn 't just find upgrades and benefits from La Quinta Hotels and its parent company, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. We advocate on behalf of our members for hundreds of reasons such as:

While we will advocate on your behalf with any major hotel rewards program, we invite you to learn more about two of the biggest, in case you haven't yet decided where you plan to stay on your next trip: Choice Hotels and Hilton.

Are You Ready to Get Your Hotel Rewards Benefits the Easy Way?

DoNotPay uses advanced AI to determine which upgrades and benefits are available to you and mails off a personalized request letter. That gives you leverage with the hotel and saves you the trouble of hunting down and asking for perks to which you are already entitled. DoNotPay is by far the best alternative to Wyndham's Rewards website and those of other major hotel chains because it's…

FastNo need to look up names and numbers or wait on hold to speak with a busy General Manager.
EasyOur forms are simple to fill out, without scrolling and clicking through dozens of pages!
SuccessfulWe'll find rewards and benefits even the GM doesn't know about!

By now we bet you're actually looking forward to that next business trip, or you're even more excited for that weekend getaway. Let us send you over the top with more information about cashing in your today!

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