How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade at Sheraton Hotels

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How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade at Sheraton Hotels

Upgrading your hotel room can make a vacation even more special. With an upgrade, you can improve your view or stay in a bigger room. I f you 're interested in requesting an upgrade in Sheraton Hotels, what should you do?

You have plenty of tools at your disposal to successfully upgrade your room at a Sheraton hotel without spending more money. However, a problem with many of these methods is that they do often require luck. Just because you ask for a room upgrade does not mean that the hotel has to give it to you.

Thankfully, there are ways to make upgrades easier.

Types of upgrades you can get at Sheraton Hotels

If you get an upgrade, you can find yourself in a room that is comfier or has a nicer view. Some examples of Sheraton hotel room upgrades include the following.

  • A room with a larger bed
  • A single room to a suite
  • A room on a higher floor
  • A room with a better view

The likelihood of upgrading your room if you 've already checked in

Whether you're at a Sheraton or any other hotel, once you are checked in, you aren't likely to get a room upgrade. Hotels usually make up their minds about giving an upgrade before a guest checks in. Unless there is something wrong with your room, you can expect to stay in your original room if you've already checked in.

This doesn't mean that all hotel room upgrade requests are rejected, though. Instead, it means that the best way to increase your odds of an upgrade at Sheraton is to be prepared.

How to request a room upgrade at Sheraton Hotels on your own

If you're interested in an upgrade for your stay at a Sheraton hotel, you have several ways to request one. It is important to remember that these are not guaranteed to work. Sheraton can deny an upgrade request.

Write a hotel room upgrade letter

One of the classic methods of getting your room upgraded is to write a letter or email with your request. Following these steps can help make your letter more effective

  1. Be as polite as possible. The hotel staff will be more likely to go out of their way to help someone who is nice.
  2. Indicate if there is anything special about your trip. If this is your first time traveling in a while or if it's an occasion like an anniversary, this can be effective.
  3. Unless you have a specific want or need, be flexible with your upgrade request. If your request is open, the staff could have more possible upgrades to offer

Sign up for a rewards program

One way that hotel guests regularly get room upgrades is by signing up for a hotel chain 's rewards program. Sheraton Hotels is owned by Marriott, so the rewards program they use is Marriott Bonvoy Benefits. When you're a member of a program like this, you can build points for staying in hotels, which can be used for things like discounts

Just ask when you check in

Hotels want to be known for making guests feel as comfortable as possible, and this can mean upgrading a room. When checking in, you can ask if they have any upgrades available. If the Sheraton has extra unfilled rooms, they might grant your request.

Next steps for upgrading your Sheraton room if you can't do it yourself

These three methods can successfully get you an upgrade. As stated above, though, they are not guaranteed to work.

Being part of a rewards program can offer plenty of benefits in Sheraton locations. However, unless you are a frequent hotel guest, you will likely not see the best of the benefits. This can mean that it might not increase your odds of getting a room upgrade.

Asking for an upgrade either at the desk or through a letter or email may not work either. It can be based on luck, such as how many rooms are open or how many other upgrade requests there are.

Help secure an upgrade at Sheraton Hotels with DoNotPay

Trying to get a hotel room upgrade on your own is admirable, but it can also be a lot of work that might not pay off. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. For help getting an upgrade at Sheraton Hotels, DoNotPay has you covered with 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of the hotel you're staying at, including the location.
  2. Tell us the dates of your stay, who you're staying with, whether it's your first time, and whether you're a loyalty rewards member at the hotel.
  3. Tell us if it's a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and any specific upgrades you want to request.
  4. Tell us your current room and confirmation number.

Why use DoNotPay to help with Sheraton room upgrades

  • Fast: With DoNotPay, you don't have to spend time carefully crafting your hotel upgrade request letter.
  • Easy : Requesting a Sheraton upgrade can be more stressful than you might think, and signing up for rewards programs can be a hassle. DoNotPay simplifies the process.
  • Successful: DoNotPay knows the process of getting Sheraton Hotels room upgrades, and our process is effective.

DoNotPay works across other companies with the click of a button

While DoNotPay can help get an upgrade at Sheraton locations, it isn't just for Sheraton. DoNotPay can also help with other major hotel names like Hilton or Hyatt.

What else can DoNotPay do?

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