Hotel Upgrades With IHG Rewards Hotels

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Hotel Upgrades With IHG Rewards Hotels

If you are a frequent traveler, and you have a hotel chain that you prefer, such as IHG Hotels, you may find yourself needing hotel upgrades periodically. Once you have signed up as a rewards member, these upgrades become available as you spend more time staying with the hotel.

If you find yourself in a situation where you would like an from the room you have currently booked, you can make a request for an upgrade. While there are several options you can try on your own, the most efficient request comes through DoNotPay.

Types of Upgrades You Can Get AT IHG Hotels

When you become a rewards member at IHG Hotels, you have different hotel upgrade options, based upon your status is the rewards tier. There are five different groups of rewards members:

Non-EliteThis is the first tier that all members go through when first signing up.
GoldThis is the first elite tier that you get minimal upgrades with.
Platinum EliteA more middle-tier option with more benefits than the Gold status.
Spire EliteThe highest tier in the elite options with the most benefits.
InterContinential AmbassadorThis tier is based on annual membership with the equal upgrades of the Platinum Elite.

Upgrade Options

Once you reach the mid-tier status in the rewards program, you can start to expect significant upgrades such as a complimentary room upgrade, restaurant and bar credit, or even spa credit at participating hotels. Even when you get a room upgrade, it will only be one level up, meaning you could go from an executive room to a suite. Upgrades do not have to be room sizes but can include the view and the amenities available in that particular room.

The Likelihood of Getting an Upgrade After You 've Already Checked In

The chances of having your hotel room upgraded once you check in diminishes quickly, especially during a busy season. You may have higher chances if it is slow and fewer guests have checked in. In order for there to be an upgrade during a busier time, you will need to have a significant complaint about the room. Either the room condition is poor or some other reason that will keep you from getting rest or being comfortable for the management team to consider making a hotel upgrade.

How To Get A Hotel Upgrade with IHG Rewards Hotels On Your Own

If you are looking to , you can make that request on your own in several ways.

  1. Ask for an upgrade if the room you booked is not available when you check-in. Based upon the availability of the hotel, the chances of them being able to accommodate you may be slim, especially if most of the guests who have booked have already checked in.
  2. Call ahead to the hotel and request an upgrade. Again, this is not a guarantee option, but you will have to, not only provide your rewards account, but also provide information about the stay, such as it being a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.
  3. Log into your online rewards account. If there are any rewards available, then you may be able to use your upgrade. All upgrades are not readily available on the website and if it is not on the list, you may not be able to select it.

Next Steps For Getting Hotel Upgrades If You Can 't do it Yourself

If you have attempted to get a hotel upgrade through IHG Rewards Hotels, then you may have been unsuccessful or made an incorrect request. While it is easy to sign up for rewards, it is not as simple to make the hotel upgrade request that is promoted in these rewards, especially if you need to make them in a hurry. The process of getting a hotel upgrade is much simpler and easier when you use DoNotPay to upload the appropriate information and make the request officially on your behalf.

Get Hotel Upgrades With the Help of DoNotPay

If you want to get an upgrade at IHG Rewards Hotels but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of the hotel you're staying at, including the location.
  2. Tell us the dates of your stay, who you're staying with, whether it's your first time, and whether you're a loyalty rewards member at the hotel.
  3. Tell us if it's a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and any specific upgrades you want to request.
  4. Tell us your current room and confirmation number.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Hotel Upgrades with IHG Rewards Hotels

Getting hotel upgrades needs to be done with a sense of urgency and be correct when corrected. DoNotPay offers the following services:

  • A fast process that sends the request directly to the hotel.
  • Convenience due to its mobile app that you can access anywhere.
  • Successful outcomes of these requests due to urgency and efficient delivery.

DoNotPay Can Be Used Across Multiple Hotels for Hotel Upgrades

If you are planning to stay in a different hotel outside IHG Hotels, DoNotPay can assist you with getting hotel upgrades at any of the major hotel chains. In addition to requesting these changes, they can even put you in direct contact with the hotel managers at these locations so that you can have a secure stream of communication. Here's a sampling of other hotels and upgrade services DoNotPay works with:

Need Help With Other Traveling Tasks?

In addition to getting help with your hotel upgrades, there are other traveling tasks that you may encounter, and DoNotPay can help.

  • Get assistance with your tourist visa when traveling outside the country.
  • If you had poor service at one of your hotels, airlines, or another business, they can help you with filing a complaint.

DoNotPay is designed to help you so that you can get your time back.

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