How to Get Free Hotel Wifi Easily

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How Can I Upgrade My Hotel Stay With Free Wi-Fi?

You have reserved a hotel room and plan to check-in shortly. You visualize accepting the room as is, and since you rely heavily on hotel Wi-Fi for your phone, tablet, or computer, you will pay the Wi-Fi charge if required. What if you could learn how to get free hotel Wi-Fi?

Upgrading your hotel stay to include can take some effort - but it is possible.

There are tips and techniques that can help teach you how to use hotel Wi-Fi for free, but they require a do-it-yourself strategy. DoNotPay offers a handy, automated way to accomplish this if you find it frustrating to figure it out on your own.

Do Hotels Charge for In-room Wi-Fi?

Some hotel chains may offer internet connectivity free of charge, but there are plenty that do not. Cheaper hotels may charge guests a fee for this service because connections that are safe and of decent quality tend to be expensive for the hotel.

Many luxury hotels charge for Wi-Fi for different reasons. Wealthy travelers and those who can charge the room to a company are less likely to mind paying a fee. Additionally, guests may not bother with pay-per-view options if they can watch content using a free internet connection.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Hotels on Your Own

With persistence, getting an upgrade to free hotel wifi is possible. But it 's not without some legwork. Here are a few recommendations for getting a free wifi upgrade:

Obtain an Upgrade Using a Loyalty ProgramOne of the most effective ways to upgrade to free Wi-Fi is to join a hotel rewards program and work your way up to elite status. Consider your personal situation and attempt to:
  1. Accumulate frequent stays with the hotel – Different levels of elite status may become available and free upgrades are often accessible as a perk at middle levels of elite status
  2. Consider paying to join a program or obtaining a co-branded hotel credit card – If you do not travel enough to earn elite status through frequent visits, these techniques offer faster access to the status you need
Speak to Staff MembersUpon arrival, there are different employees you may be able to approach and ask for an upgrade to free Wi-Fi. Wear a smile, introduce yourself, and refer to them by name if a name tag is visible.
  1. Front Desk – These employees may not be authorized to grant perks and upgrades, but they are a good starting point. Simply make the request and do not be discouraged if they are unable or unwilling to comply.
  2. Concierge – These staff members are highly concerned with ensuring guests enjoy a satisfying stay. Locate a concierge and make your request.
  3. Manager – Consider asking to speak with a manager on duty if one is available. They are more likely to have the power and willingness to grant your wish.
Email a Manager in AdvanceConde Nast Traveler advises you to try this manager-contact technique:
  1. Do your best to locate the name of the manager at the hotel
  2. Use tools like TripAdvisor to find hotel reviews, then look for any replies – you will likely find the general manager's name
  3. Send an email politely stating your request
Book DirectlyRather than reserving a room via a third-party website, simply call the hotel directly. Speaking with staff personally over the phone may increase your chances of success, thanks to your ability to be friendly and personable. Additionally, upgrades are often not made available when booking online.

As you can see, getting an upgrade to free hotel wifi will take some grit. What if there was an easier way to go about this?

Solve the Riddle of Free Hotel Wifi Upgrades with DoNotPay

Learning how to get hotel wifi for free can be a tricky, time-consuming task with many steps and failures along the way. A great alternative is to take advantage of . Our product will simplify the entire process, and you will find it to be:

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If you want an upgrade to free Wi-Fi at any hotel but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of the hotel you're staying at, including the location.
  2. Tell us the dates of your stay, who you're staying with, whether it's your first time, and whether you're a loyalty rewards member at the hotel.
  3. Tell us if it's a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and any specific upgrades you want to request.
  4. Tell us your current room and confirmation number.

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