How to Find Free Dental Clinics In Tampa

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How to Find Free Dental Clinics In Tampa

Low-cost dental services are accessible to millions of low-income individuals. The quality of the services, however, is not sufficient due to the lack of proper health insurance plans as well as the need for affordable options. are available locally, and people can turn to them for assistance. Dental clinics are a part of the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) services which operate on a non-profit basis. This ensures that uninsured and low-income families get free dental services, although policyholders whose current insurance policy doesn't cover dental care, cleaning, or exams can get the service too.

Some families' household income is sometimes too low, and they cannot pay for any type of dental or any other medical bills. These families benefit from free dental clinics too. However, finding and booking an appointment with the free dental clinics can be hectic, especially if you don't know how to go about it. You don't have to despair as there is a better way to get the service. With DoNotPay, you have a faster, more convenient, automated, less frustrating way for you to get the dental clinic's services.

Free or Low-Cost Dental Care for Low-Income Individuals/Senior Citizens/Children

Most of the are universities and dental schools that offer services provided by dental students. Many churches also maintain clinics that help serve those in need. Lastly, many clinics receive federal or state subsidies or funding to provide reduced-cost dental services to low-income patients. In these cases, service fees are often offered on a sliding scale or are income-based. Clinics that offer sliding scale prices often require some documentation or other forms of evidence to prove your level of income.

Who Qualifies for Free/Low-Cost Dental Care?

Professional dental organizations, charities, and faith-based groups donate dental services. However, the waitlists can be long or closed and opt for criteria such as serving people with medical conditions or disabilities, income cutoffs, or only serving seniors.

Other cities have dental clinics that serve people with no insurance, low incomes, or those who can't afford the care. You can also find free dental clinics via United Way's 211 org website. While others are listed on local or state directories of free or safety net dental clinics.

How to Get Free/Reduced-Cost Dental Care in Tampa

There are several ways to get free or reduced-cost dental care in Tampa. Once you are qualified for a low-cost dental clinic, you can receive your dental care in dental schools, United Way as well as state-sponsored locations. Whether you are in Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County, you will receive your confirmation of eligibility via mail, online, or in person.

NamePhone NumberAddressAccepts low-income, uninsured, etc
Center for Family Health(813) 237-6988912 East Sligh Ave.

Tampa Bay, FL 33604

Low-cost or free care can be offered to uninsured, income-qualified patients. Many conditions will need to be met.
Brandon Regional Hospital(813) 618-5551119 Oakfield Drive Brandon, FL 33511N/A
Crosstown Health Center(813) 307-80584951 East Adamo Drive, Tampa FL, 33605A sliding fee scale is in place to help reduce a patient’s cost of care. The lowest income may qualify for the most significant amount of financial assistance. If your income is low enough, or your current health care policy is woefully inadequate, the center may provide medical assistance at no cost to the patient.
Family Care Medical Center(813) 236-5300 (813) 844-13855802 North 30th St. Tampa Bay, FL 33610

2501 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa FL 33609

Some of what may be offered include physicals for students and children, lab work, referrals to specialists, and much more.
Hillsborough County Dental Research Clinic(813) 238-77252010 East Hillsborough Ave. Tampa Bay, FL, 33610Free dental care may be offered as part of the programs from this clinic. Volunteers, students, and hygienists from the community may all provide services to those in need.

How to Find Free/Low-Cost Dental Services Near You

The best way to find free or low-cost dental clinics is to search for dental schools, nearby universities, or government-subsidized dental clinics near you and enquire whether they provide free or reduced services. You should also ask for a quote if they offer sliding scale prices since your total costs will vary based on the procedure and your income.

Next Steps for Free Dental Clinics if You Can’t Do It Yourself

DoNotPay wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find an affordable dental clinic near you — which is why we've created a database of all of the free and reduced dental clinics in America, so we can help match you with a nearby provider. If you have questions about your eligibility, want to receive a quote, or would like to set up an appointment, we can contact the clinic on your behalf and get you the information you need.

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Here's how you can use DoNotPay to find free dental clinics:

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And that's it! DoNotPay will contact the clinic on your behalf and get back to you with the information you requested.

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