How to Find Free Dental Clinics in Salisbury, NC

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How to Find Free Dental Clinics in Salisbury, NC

Some free dental clinics in Salisbury give free dental services to low-income families, the uninsured, and jobless individuals. If you are seeking free dental care, you will not need to have insurance. However, you may be liable for paying a fraction of the cost due to a sliding fee system.

Getting dental help is sadly not as prevalent as getting other medical services. , focusing on children, the elderly, the disabled, and military veterans. However, you may need to contact different facilities to acquire specific information on available services. Each dental facility in Salisbury will have its unique program.

Some of the dental centers may collaborate with other local hospitals, or they may provide direct health treatment and financial assistance to you. Some of the services that low-income dentists offer for free include cleaning, tooth extractions, emergency surgical intervention, wisdom tooth removal, and more complex procedures like root canals.

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Free Dental Clinics in Salisbury, NC

There are several , that offer free dental services.

NameServices Offered
Jimmie and Luanne Anderson Dds PaThis dentist facility offers free dental services if you are on Medicaid. If you are enrolled on Medicaid, you must contact the facility to determine if you can check in for dental treatment.
Dr. Marshall, Melanie, KThe dentists at this facility offer you free dental services if you are on Medicaid, uninsured, from a low-income household, disabled, or are a military veteran.
Salisbury County Health DepartmentYou can obtain free or low-cost dental care at a health center in Salisbury if you can't afford medical insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid. The majority of the free dental clinics in Salisbury are located near you. Grants and donations support community-based non-profit facilities in Salisbury.
Brite Smile DentalIf you are uninsured and can not afford dental care, Brite Smile will offer you free general dentistry services, including fillings, tooth extraction, dentures, or braces. This institution is committed to your happiness and will go as far as to guarantee that you have a positive experience.
Dr. Patel, Janak, BDr. Janak Patel and his whole staff are committed to providing you with the free, low-cost, individualized, and sensitive care that you deserve if you are a military veteran, handicapped, old, or unable to pay for dental treatments. They make it a point to provide you with information that allows you to make better-educated decisions regarding your oral health requirements as part of their dedication to assisting you.
Dr. Okonmah, Isioma, ARoutine dentistry is just as vital for your smile as home dental care. If you are on Medicaid, Dr. Okonmah and her colleagues offer a variety of free complimentary family dentistry programs to help you experience a life of beautiful smiles.
Dr Amin Patel, Hetal, AThis facility has a program known as beautiful dentistry that offers free dental services to you if you are a veteran or disabled. This program is open at specific times of the year.
Garden and Dest-Salisbury DentistryThe importance of good oral health to overall wellness cannot be overstated. Regular dental treatment, however, may be beyond your financial reach. This clinic may be able to provide you with free dental care. They provide dental care to children and teens who are eligible and are participating in certain North Carolina healthcare programs, or people aged 65 years and above.

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