How to Find Free Dental Care in RI

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How You Can Find Free Dental Care in RI

Most people lack dental coverage and are thus unable to cater for their dental care costs. However, the federal, state and local governments have put resources together to establish an accessible and affordable dental clinic in all regions—the problem shifts to finding a free dental clinic that offers the dental services you need in RI.

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Get Access to Free Dental Care For Children and Low-Income Citizens in RI

refers to the dental services you can achieve even if you are not insured. It is important to note that the services are not of poor quality but have just been made to cater to the lowly in the community. Many dental patients cannot access proper mental care since they do not have an insurance plan.

Through the collaboration of the federal government and state government, RI has established a free dental clinic near you. If you belong to a low-income family, you can turn to them for dental help. The government has passed health programs that do not charge for dental care, examination, and cleaning.

Through these government programs, you can access dental care for adults and children in your family. Some of these programs are financed by the government and can run without charging any cent for the dental services they offer. Additionally, dental clinics have partnered with local municipalities in Ri to help low-income families on Medicaid or Medicare. Some of the services provided in these clinics include:

  • Free dental checkups
  • Free braces
  • Free caps
  • Free dental cleaning

Who Qualifies for Free Dental Care in RI?

You qualify to access free dental services in Ri if you fulfill the following qualifications:

  • You must be from a low-income family
  • Children are legible for the services
  • Adults aged 65 years and above qualify for the service

The Rhode Island dental association has partnered with other organizations to bring affordable dental care for Rhode Islanders. For instance, through Children Health Coverage Program, that is, Medicaid and CHIP, your children can attend dental services at no cost or low cost. Even if your children were turned down in the past, you could try to find health coverage now since they might be qualifying for it presently. For your child to qualify, you must ensure that they have Medicaid or CHIP coverage to get dental care.

However, though the qualifications above are the main considerations for free dental services, you should understand that eligibility depends on the program offered in every dental clinic.

How to Access Free or Affordable Dental Services near You in RI

If you are an uninsured individual in Rhode Island, you can contact free dental healthcare services through sites that have been created to serve you. Some of these sites include:

ClinicAddressPhone Number
Blackstone Valley Community Health CarePawtucket, Rhode Island 02860(401) 722-0081
Comprehensive Community Action ProgramCranston, RI 02910(401) 467-9610
East Bay Community Action ProgramNewport, RI 02840(401) 848-2160

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