How to Get Free Dental Care in Tulsa, OK

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Find Free Dental Care in Tulsa, OK Quickly

Nearly 1 in 5 live below the poverty level in Tulsa. This means it’s difficult for many to pay for healthier food and get the medical and dental care they need. Poor nutrition is known to affect dental health, which in turn can affect other health conditions.

Not everyone has insurance that is why it is crucial to have access to free dental care to help keep teeth and gums healthy. Finding that free dental care can be overwhelming, especially if you're already nursing a toothache. No one wants to sift through pages of information that aren't specifically related to the kind of oral care you are looking for.

Fortunately, DoNotPay's convenient online solution provides you with the resources you need to get without fuss.

Free Dental Care Is Available if You Know Where to Look

Those needing can't get it if they don't know where to look. Federal and state grants to non-profit agencies, universities and community centers allow local dentists to offer free or low-cost oral care if you qualify. Some insurance providers also provide grants to local dentists and charities to give back to their communities.

Be aware that there is often a waiting list, but many free dental clinics do offer emergency services.

5 Free Dental Resources to Get You Started

The following clinics not only offer free or cheap dental care but often serve specific populations and age groups. Some have special grants for low-cost dentures or implants. Always call or visit the websites for more information.

ClinicAddressPhone Number Other Information
Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services9810 E 42nd St, Suite 210

Tulsa, OK 74146

(918) 742-5544All applications are currently accepted by snail mail only. You must send proof of income as copies only. Only call if you are updating personal information or need a copy of the application mailed or faxed to you.

Populations served to include the elderly (65+), physically and mentally disabled and indigent populations.

  • Restorative dental care
  • Dentures or partials

Note that there is a long waiting list for complete restorative care.

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dental Care Center2450 N. Harvard Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74115

(918) 508-7190An all-volunteer Catholic ministry of the charities of the Diocese of Tulsa that is located inside the main campus of the Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Health Center building.
  • Exams
  • Free extractions
  • Free fillings
  • Restorative care

Call for an appointment and details regarding services and hours. Dental request forms are available both in Spanish and English.

Tulsa - Morton Midtown Health Center102 N. Denver, Suite B

Tulsa, OK 74103

(918) 295-6145

For emergencies after hours call 911 or (918) 587-2171.

This is a homeless-free clinic and an extension of Morton Health Services. All clients must be living in a shelter or rehab center.

Three requirements:

  1. A letter from a shelter or rehab center is required.
  2. Must have a negative TB test.
  3. Photo ID and Social Security card required.

Call for an appointment. There are multiple locations and hours vary. Most locations will take walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis and are dependent on provider availability.

Know that you may be asked to make an appointment depending on what kind of care is needed.

SoonerCareSoonerCare toll-free helpline: 800-987-7767SoonerCare is administered through The Oklahoma Health Care Authority, headquartered in Oklahoma City. The program is available for all Oklahoma residents, including those in Tulsa. You can enroll online.

This state government program offers free dental care for children and young adults under 21. There are limited services for adults. Copays are $4 with some exempt populations.

SoonerRide(877) 404-4500 or 711 (TDD)SoonerRide transports non-emergency Medicaid patients with no other form of transportation to medical and dental appointments in Tulsa and beyond. Call the main toll-free number at least three business days before your medical or dental appointment for a reservation.
Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa550 S. Peoria

Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 382-1257Population served: Native American children, youth, pregnant women, and diabetics.
  • Pediatric oral screenings
  • Dental check-ups and hygiene instruction
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Sealants
  • Extractions and fillings
  • Oral cancer and other disease screening

Who Qualifies for Free Dental Care?

If you are one of the 20 percent of Tulsa residents who live below federal poverty line guidelines, then you'll likely qualify for free or low-cost dental services from Federal, state, regional, or local resources.

DoNotPay efficiently helps you sort through eligibility guidelines, procedure quotes, or setting up an appointment.

Here's How You Find Free Dental Care in Tulsa, OK Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay makes it easy for you to :

1. Search "dentist" on DoNotPay.

2. Enter your current address, so we can find the clinic nearest to you.

3. Select whether you would like to ask a question about your eligibility, receive a quote for a specific procedure, or set up an appointment.

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