Access Free Dental Care in Georgia Easily

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How to Access Free Dental Care in Georgia

Did you know that the average American spends between $500 and $1000 on dental care annually? Given that only 64% of Americans have dental insurance coverage, it is important to know where to find .

Finding free dental care on your own is not easy. You will have to do a lot of research, and if you live far from a health center that offers free dental services, you will have to cover long distances before finding what you are looking for.

With DoNotPay, you can find free dental clinics in your area using your phone with just a click of a button. In addition to helping you find free dental clinics in your area, DoNotPay can also help you find low-income and affordable dentists requiring no insurance.

Free Dental Care for Low-Income Individuals, Senior Citizens, and Children

Low-income households, the uninsured, the underinsured, senior citizens, and individuals living with various forms of disability have a hard time finding free dental care. In light of this, dental organizations, religious groups, charitable organizations, and other government organizations offer free and affordable dental care to those in need.

  1. Dental schools. Most dental schools offer low-cost and sometimes free dental services to needy patients. Dental schools allow students to gain more experience while offering dental care at very reduced prices. This is done under the supervision of licensed and experienced dentists.
  2. Community health clinics. Some federally-funded community health clinics provide free dental care to the needy.
  3. Religious groups. Sometimes religious bodies may team up with governmental organizations to provide free clinics to patients. Georgia Baptist, for example, has been operating mobile dental clinics, giving people a reason to smile again.

Services Offered in Free Dental Clinics

The following are some of the services provided at to qualified patients:

  • Preventative care
  • Emergency oral services
  • Dental check-ups
  • X-rays
  • Teeth removal
  • Teeth cleaning

Depending on the availability of these services, patients may either be treated on-site at the free dental clinic or may be referred to another clinic in Georgia. While the care may be offered for free or at very subsidized prices, each clinic works towards providing the highest quality care to all patients.

Who Qualifies for Free Dental Care in Georgia?

As mentioned, the following groups of people qualify for , depending on the governing institution:

  • Children
  • Elderly citizens
  • The working poor
  • The uninsured and the underinsured

How to Get Free Dental Care in Georgia by Yourself

In Georgia, patients can receive free dental care at charitable programs, programs organized by faith-based institutions, local health departments, and federally-funded community health centers. Nevertheless, patients have to show evidence of eligibility to receive these services.

Below are some of the clinics you can visit to receive free dental care in Georgia:

ClinicAddressPhone NumberOther Information
West Albany Dental1412 W Oakridge Dr. Albany, GA 21498229-435-2424Accepts uninsured, underinsured, Medicare, Medicaid, low-income individuals
Glover Dental Center - AAPHC2607 Gillionville Rd

Albany, GA 29365

229-883-9001No insurance guidelines
Samaritan Clinic802 North Jefferson Street Albany, GA 29424229-888-7420Only uninsured patients
Americus Family Dentistry - SWGHC101 Mayo Street, Americus, GA 23031229-435-2424Accepts uninsured, underinsured, Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, low-income individuals
Mercy Health Center700 Oglethorpe Ave Athens, GA 72706-425-9445Accepts insured only

Next Steps for Accessing Free Dental Care in Georgia if You Can't Do It Yourself

While it is possible to find a cheap dentist by yourself, the process can be mentally and physically exhausting, not forgetting you will have to spend a lot of time and money moving from one facility to the next.

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Finding Free Dental Care in Georgia With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay will help you find free clinics in Georgia fast and easily. The platform has been successful in the past in helping people solve many issues, and it can do the same for you. DoNotPay can help you find free dental care in Georgia in 3 very simple steps:

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  3. Select whether you would like to ask a question about your eligibility, receive a quote for a specific procedure, or set up an appointment.

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