How to Become an Egg Donor in Columbia, South Carolina

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How to Become an Egg Donor in Columbia, South Carolina

Becoming an can be both rewarding and profitable. DoNotPay can help.

It is estimated that one in every eight couples will have fertility issues. While it is due to a low sperm count on males, other times, it can be due to problems with the woman's ovaries. Some couples can get pregnant but have not been able to see a pregnancy later. These couples turn to various infertility clinics for assistance. In many cases, the only option is in-vitro fertilization, and donor sperm or a donor egg are needed.

While a lot of couples are challenged with infertility, there are also a lot of women who are interested in helping them out. They might not want to be a surrogate, but they are still willing to give. While the process is not a quick one, and not everyone can be eligible to donate, those willing to put in the time and effort to help another couple have a family can find themselves with a nice profit as well. With the high rates of infertility, there is a high demand for egg donors, and egg donors remain anonymous throughout the process. If you are interested in helping another family by becoming an egg donor in Columbia, South Carolina, keep reading to learn how.

Who Is Eligible to Donate Eggs?

Not everyone is eligible to donate eggs. To become an , the minimum eligibility requirements include:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 31.
  • In good physical health.
  • Be of healthy body weight with a BMI between 19 and 29
  • Have both ovaries.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Be psychologically healthy
  • Have a regular monthly menstrual cycle.
  • No current use of psychoactive drugs or history of substance abuse.
  • No family history of genetic disorders can be inherited.

Some egg banks will have additional requirements that may include educational level or an adjustment to the age requirement or BMI. To be considered, you will need to be okay with receiving injections, and you will need to keep frequent appointments leading up to your donation.

What Is the Egg Donation Process Like?

The egg donation process can take more than a month from start to finish.

When you choose to become an egg donor, you will first need to pass screening by the egg bank. If your application is approved following a brief initial screening, you will move on to the next step of more in-depth screening. Those who donate eggs must be physically and mentally prepared to do so. You will be required to undergo a physical and psychological examination in addition to lab work. You will need to provide an extensive family medical history. If you pass these screening processes, you will move to the donation process.

When you begin, the process will be contingent on whether you are participating in a frozen egg bank program or a fresh donor program. If there are no constraints to getting started, you will start the process on a specific timeline. First, you will need to take oral contraceptive pills for two to three weeks so you will not ovulate until your blood work and further examination clear you. Once cleared, you will need to give yourself egg stimulation injections for ten days. While you are giving yourself these injections, you will need to go into the clinic for daily monitoring. The monitoring is to check on your ovaries. Once it is determined that your ovaries are ready, you will receive what is called an HCG trigger shot, and your egg retrieval will be approximately 36 hours following this injection. The retrieval process only takes about 20 minutes, and you will be given anesthesia so that you don't feel anything. During retrieval, the eggs will be located via an ultrasound probe and removed from your follicles using a needle.

Egg Donation Banks in Columbia, SC

There are two egg donation facilities in Columbia SC. The following IVF centers accept egg donors:

NameAddressPhone Number
Prisma Health Fertility Center100 Palmetto Health Pkwy, Suite 200, Columbia, SC(803) 907-8670
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology GroupWest Columbia, SC(803) 726-3600

How Much Do Egg Donors Get Paid in Columbia, SC?

Egg donors in Columbia SC get paid $5,000 per cycle. All medical, pharmaceutical, and transportation expenses will be fully paid as well.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Becoming an Egg Donor

Here are some things to keep in mind before becoming an egg donor.

  • You can remain anonymous with most egg donor agencies.
  • If you choose a frozen egg donation, you can donate at any time, and the clinic will match your eggs to a recipient.
  • If you choose to be a fresh egg donor, you may wait for months or years before you are matched with a recipient.
  • You can donate more than once.
  • The retrieval process is considered surgery, and although it is minor, it can be uncomfortable to recover from.
  • You will have to attend appointments every day as you get close to your retrieval date.
  • You will have to give yourself injections for two to three weeks.

How to Become an Egg Donor on Your Own

Becoming an egg donor on your own can be time-consuming. Since most egg donor agencies do not want you applying to more than one clinic at a time, you will have to go through this process with each one that you apply to:

  1. Find out which clinics are near you.
  2. Choose a clinic.
  3. Submit initial application.
  4. Go to the clinic for lab work.
  5. Participate in a physical examination.
  6. Participate in a psychological examination.
  7. If you pass the first two, go back to the clinic to supply an extensive family medical history.
  8. Go back for more lab work.
  9. Wait for the word you have been accepted.
  10. Once accepted, wait for your period.
  11. Three days after your period, go on oral contraception.
  12. Two weeks later, go off contraception and begin giving yourself daily injections.
  13. Go to daily appointments for screening while you are on injections.
  14. Once ready, receive the HCG injection.
  15. Approximately 36 hours after HCG injection, undergo egg retrieval surgery.
  16. Recover from egg retrieval surgery.
  17. Get paid.

Becoming an Egg Donor Using DoNotPay

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Once your application is processed and accepted, you should receive an email with your next steps!

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