What You Need to Know About Egg Donation in Oklahoma

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What You Need to Know About Egg Donation in Oklahoma

Did you know that about 5,800 U.S. babies are born each year due to egg donations? That's thousands of families brought together because of the incredible kindness and generosity of an egg donor! So, the next time you wonder what it's like to be an egg donor — remember why or for whom you're doing it.

Of course, the egg donor pay also has a huge advantage since it can go as high as $10,000 or more in some states. Egg donations in Oklahoma, however, average around $5,000 in compensation. You may also get compensated for other paid expenses like food, travel, stay, etc. So, it really depends on you whether egg donation is worth it.

If you think so, you can start the egg donation process with a ton of research and later applications. On the other hand, you can also fill out some details on DoNotPay and let us do the work for you. Either way, you'll be that much closer to bringing someone's dreams of a family to life.

Who is Eligible to Make an Egg Donation in Oklahoma?

Egg donor requirements will vary from clinic to clinic. Some will only allow donors between 22 and 29, while others will take donors up to 32 and as low as 18. There are also varying requirements depending on BMI (body mass index). The most common BMI numbers are between 18.5 and 24.9.

To be sure, check with each potential clinic directly to confirm.

Additional eligibility requirements typically include:

  • Education — some clinics require you to have at least a high school education. Some require no less than a four-year college degree.
  • Safe and healthy medical history
  • No smoking, drug use, or dependency on alcohol
  • Flexibility in your schedule — egg donations take a lot of time and commitment. You must be able to set aside a lot of time (often for months!) to prioritize the donation process.

Egg Donation Clinics in Oklahoma

DoNotPay can get you connected with more options in or near your location specifically. However, for now, these four egg donation clinics are good options spread around the state.

ClinicAddressPhone NumberCompensation
INTEGRIS Bennett Fertility3433 NW 56th St Bldg B Suite 200

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

(405) 949-6060$5,000
Mate Fertility Oklahoma City3427 NW 50th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

(855) 508-6283$5,000 to $10,000
Tulsa Fertility Center115 E 15th St.

Tulsa, OK 74119

(918) 359-2229Not specified
INTEGRIS Family Care Central3400 Northwest Expy Building C, Suite 500

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

(405) 945-4589$5,000

What You Need to Know About Being an Egg Donor

Before devoting yourself to such a big commitment, there are some things you should know:

  1. Egg donations will lead to a child with half of your genetic makeup. However, the child will in no way be yours.
  2. It often takes about seven weeks to complete the egg donor treatment.
  3. The national average of egg donations allowed per person is six. Some clinics allow less.
  4. Your safety and health are important — ALWAYS consider them when choosing a clinic or bank.

How to Make an Egg Donation in Oklahoma by Yourself

First and foremost, finding a clinic or bank where you are comfortable donating your eggs can be a struggle. In Oklahoma, there are quite a few to choose from, but you must always be careful to weigh your options.

For this reason, you can expect the following research (and possibly more) will need to be done by yourself if you take on the task alone:

  • Egg donation clinic/bank options
  • Eligibility (and whether you meet those requirements)
  • Compensation
  • Health and safety measures
  • Customer feedback and reviews

Let DoNotPay to Help You With Egg Donation in Oklahoma

Donating your eggs shouldn't be any harder than it has to be. Let DoNotPay get you in a clinic after just three steps so that you can bring unimaginable joy to one lucky family:

  1. Search "become an egg donor" on DoNotPay and confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements.

  2. Answer a series of eligibility questions about your medical history, so we can determine which donor agencies you can apply for.

  3. Verify your information and submit your single application! DoNotPay will then apply for multiple egg donor agencies near you on your behalf to maximize your chances of being accepted.

When you're ready to change some lives with your donation, let make the process as seamless as possible.

Why Use DoNotPay

DoNotPay is a better option if you don't have the time or research skills. What's more, DoNotPay can:

  • Get you connected with the best clinics in your area faster than any other solution.
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  • Complete the application process successfully.

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