A Beginner's Guide to Egg Donation in Wisconsin

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Your Guide to Egg Donation in Wisconsin

Each year, many women in Wisconsin choose to become egg donors. And it is through their generosity that new families are created. The decision to become an requires some research, but where do you even start?

DoNotPay has created this guide to help you. We'll provide answers to your questions like:

  • Are there requirements for egg donors, such as age or health status?
  • What can I expect during the egg donation process?

And when you're ready to apply to Wisconsin egg donation clinics, DoNotPay simplifies the process and saves you time.

Requirements and Eligibility for Egg Donation

Not everyone who will be able to do so. In must meet certain requirements. Typically, an egg donation clinic will require that you:

  1. Are a healthy weight, as determined by your BMI. Some clinics also have a minimum height requirement
  2. Must have regular menstrual cycles
  3. Are willing to give yourself injections
  4. Are in overall good health
  5. Have no history of illicit drug use, and do not use tobacco or nicotine products
  6. Have at least a high school education. A college degree is often preferred
  7. Don't have a family history of inheritable conditions, including mental illness. If you do not know your biological parents' health history, you won't be able to donate eggs.

In addition, the egg donor age range at most clinics is 20 to 29, although this does vary.

Egg Donation: What Does the Process Look Like?

The egg donation process has three steps: screening, cycle synchronization, and egg retrieval.


Potential egg donors must go through health and psychological screening. An exam and lab work will check for infectious diseases, hereditary conditions, and STIs. The psychological screening ensures that the donor participates for the right reasons, and understands both the risks and benefits.

Cycle Synchronization

Both the donor and the recipient take birth control pills to synchronize their menstrual cycles. During this time, egg donors must also take self-injected hormones. Donors will have to make several trips to the egg donation clinic for monitoring.

Egg Retrieval

Egg donors are typically under light sedation during the egg retrieval process, which takes about a half an hour to complete. Donors should have a friend or family member with them, or arrange for a taxi, as they shouldn't drive after the retrieval process. Egg donors should rest for the remainder of the day, and can resume most activities the following day.

Average Compensation for Egg Donation in Wisconsin

When you talk to different fertility clinics in Wisconsin, you'll find that compensation rates for egg donors can vary. The average pay is $5,000 per donation cycle. Clinics do limit how many donation cycles you can complete.

Females who have been through the process agree that egg donation is worth it. Being an egg donor is both emotionally rewarding and lucrative.

Wisconsin Egg Donation Clinics

Here are five egg donation clinics in Wisconsin that you may consider.

ClinicAddressPhone NumberCompensationEligibility
Wisconsin Fertility Institute3146 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562608-824-0075$5,000 per cycle for a maximum of six cyclesEgg donors must be between the ages of 21 and 30
Generations Fertility Care, a MyEggBank affiliate clinic2365 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562Clinic: 608-820-8575

MyEggBank: 866-537-8642

$5,000 to $50,000, depending on the total number of cyclesEgg donors must be between 21 and 31 years old, with all donation cycles completed before their 32nd birthday.
Forward Fertility313 Price Place, Suite 108, Madison, WI 53705608-217-7511Donors receive $4,000 to $5,000 per cycle and can donate up to six times. Certain circumstances, such as an ethnic background that is in high demand, allow a donor to request higher compensation. Per Forward Fertility's website, "All compensation is paid to the donor through an independent Escrow Agency."Females who are 20 to 29 years old can apply. Donors must be 21 years old to donate their eggs. Some donors who have had recent successful donations may stay in the donation pool until they are 32.
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin9200 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53226414-805-3666$4,500 per donation: $500 after the second monitoring ultrasound and $4,000 after the egg retrieval. A female can donate up to six times.Egg donors must be between 21 and 33 years old
PureOvum6709 Raymond Road, Madison, WI 53719833-292-6886Donor compensation ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. A female can donate up to six times.Egg donors must be between 20 and 30 years old.

You should contact these clinics if you have specific questions, and to learn what it's like to be an egg donor in Wisconsin.

How to Apply to Egg Donation Clinics on Your Own

Unfortunately, applications for aren't as easy as they should be. The state doesn't maintain a central database for egg donors. That means that potential egg donors have to apply to each and every clinic that they're interested in.

But not everyone has the time to fill out application after application, or make numerous phone calls. At DoNotPay, we know that your time is precious, so we can apply to multiple clinics on your behalf.

DoNotPay Simplifies Wisconsin Egg Donation Applications

Consider DoNotPay to be your personal assistant. We'll ask you a few questions, and then send that information off to several egg banks. Here's how to get started:

  1. Search "become an egg donor" on DoNotPay and confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements.

  2. Answer a series of eligibility questions about your medical history, so we can determine which donor agencies you can apply for.

  3. Verify your information and submit your single application! DoNotPay will then apply for multiple egg donor agencies near you on your behalf to maximize your chances of being accepted.

Once DoNotPay processes your egg donor application, you'll receive an email with the next steps.

DoNotPay Can Connect You With Egg Donation Clinics

Some egg donors have to apply to multiple clinics before they receive a match. If you are able to travel out of state, you can increase your odds of donating. DoNotPay can apply to egg banks in other states on your behalf.

Egg Donation Assistance is Just One of DoNotPay's Many Features

DoNotPay is an app that can help with other areas of your life. After we connect you with egg donation clinics, we can help you:

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