3 Things You Must Know About Dr. Scholl's Rebates

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How to Process Dr. Scholl’s Rebates With the Help of DoNotPay

In 1906, Podiatrist William Mathias Scholl established Dr. Scholl's brand, creating more than 1,000-foot care products in his lifetime. Today, the company is the premier leader of orthotic inserts and the go-to source for most consumers.

A quick online search will reveal countless , most of them claiming an offer for $10 off a set of custom fit orthotics. Many people wonder, "What is a rebate?, and “How can I get my money back?" Every year, more than $500 million go unclaimed. Customers either don't have time to send in the rebate form or simply forget.

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Current Dr. Scholl’s Rebates Promotions?

Dr. Scholl's is not currently running a rebate promotion on their website. Instead, they are offering the following coupons:

  • 15% off coupon for custom fit orthotics (use code CUSTOM15)
  • Free shipping on all orders to a continental U.S. address
  • 10% off all products (use code FSAHSA10)

The $10 rebate promotions found online are typically offered through third-party coupon websites. Many of the deals are either expired or do not apply to purchases made directly through the company website.

How to Submit Dr. Scholl’s Rebates

When Dr. Scholl's rebates are available, the following guidelines will help make the transaction easier:

1. Save the Receipt

You will need to attach the sales receipt to the provided rebate form as proof of purchase. Without the original receipt, you will not be able to submit a claim, as photocopies are not generally accepted.

2. Check the Expiration Date

Look for the expiration date in the fine print. Deadlines are typically very short and many consumers fail to send in the necessary documentation on time, failing to get their money back.

3. Look for Restrictions

Some rebate offers have a price threshold to meet before the rebate is valid. Check with your local retailer to make sure you meet all the requirements before making a purchase.

How to Contact Dr. Scholl’s Customer Service Department

There are several ways to contact Dr. Scholl directly to inquire about a pending rebate offer. These are the following

Ways to contact Dr. SchollDetails
By MailYou can write to Dr. Scholl's at Scholl's Wellness Co. - Consumer Affairs, 27070 Miles Road, Suite A, Solon, Ohio 44139
By TelephoneYou can call Dr. Scholl directly at 888-534-0288 to inquire about an order. To ask about the status of your Dr. Scholl's inserts rebates or get the answers to any foot-related questions or concerns, call 866-360-3226.
By EmailSend an email to Dr. Scholl's at orders@drscholls.com for customer service assistance about an existing order. All other questions should be sent to drscholls.care@drscholls.com. You can also use the online form to send an email.

How Can DoNotPay Help Submit Rebate Claims?

DoNotPay can submit a rebate claim on your behalf, making it easier than ever to get money back without wasting time on hard-to-read forms. With just the click of the button, DoNotPay can assist you with getting a rebate on a new smartphone, a set of tires, or even a new car.

Department stores, such as Macy's, often advertise online rebates for housewares and higher ticket items. The customer has to submit a claim to take advantage of the lucrative deal. A rebate offer is not automatic and must be requested by the consumer.

Energy companies, like Mass Save, often offer rebates for installing energy-saving devices in your home. Check with your local service provider to see if any promotions are currently available.

DoNotPay makes claiming a rebate quick and easy!

Here's how the program works:

  1. Search rebates on DoNotPay and select the type of rebates offer you want to claim (is it for a car, electronic gadget, household appliance, etc).

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