Stop DMA Junk Mail in a Few Simple Steps

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Stop DMA Junk Mail in Its Tracks With DoNotPay

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) sends out thousands of advertisements each day from various retail companies. You'll find these offers on television, the radio, and even while you're browsing the Internet.

There's a good chance that you've received dozens of these advertisements in either your digital or physical mailbox. If the DMA has your phone number, you may even get unwanted calls asking about your interest in special offers.

It can be frustrating to see these messages pile up day after day. Fortunately, you can stop in just a few simple steps.

Where Does Junk Mail Come From?

While junk mail often looks official, it's usually just a piece of unsolicited mail from a major company or organization. You may see junk mail in the form of:

  • Coupons from your favorite stores
  • Pre-approved credit card offers (like Capital One or State Farm)
  • Offers to switch cable providers (including Cox, Xfinity, or Spectrum)
  • Offers to lower your insurance rates (from Geico or AARP)
  • Letters from charities asking for donations
  • Catalogs and magazines
  • Religious organization brochures

Most of the time, you'll receive this mail because you signed up for a promotion, sometimes by mistake. If you've never even heard of the advertiser, your information could have been exposed by a credit bureau. Credit bureaus can sell specific pieces of personal information to various marketing companies unless you are opted-out.

Sometimes the junk mail isn't even addressed to you. You may keep receiving mail from a previous tenant or a family member that has passed away.

How Can You Stop DMA Junk Mail on Your Own?

No matter how you got signed up in the first place, there are a few ways you can attempt to .

  1. Register at DMAChoice. If you have a DMAChoice account, you can control which promotional letters or magazines you receive from retail companies. It costs $2 to sign up online or $3 for signing up via direct mail. DMAChoice can also cancel junk mail subscriptions for dependents in your home or deceased individuals. Once you sign up, you won't receive select junk mail for ten years.
  2. Contact OptOutScreen. This service specifically stops junk mail containing credit cards or insurance offers. You can opt out of these offers for either five years or permanently. To get started, you need to call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT or visit OptOutScreen online. If you choose to opt-out completely, you'll have to complete an additional form before processing your request.

I'm Still Getting DMA Junk Mail. What Happens Now?

First, don't blame yourself. You've likely followed all the steps correctly. Here are the biggest reasons why consumers can't always stop junk mail on their own.

Cancellation terms can be too confusing.Many people try to get junk mail canceled by contacting the actual retailer from whom it's addressed. As we've covered, you have to contact either DMA or OptOutScreen to stop some junk mail completely.
Consumers don't feel comfortable giving away their personal information.In the case of OptOutScreen, you'll be asked to provide highly personal details, like your Social Security number. If you don't, they might not be able to cancel your junk mail.
Companies don't respond to your cancellation requests quickly.Even if you figure out how to unsubscribe from junk messages, it could be months before the company's mailing list is updated.

Sometimes, consumers will avoid canceling junk mail permanently to prevent missing important letters, especially from financial institutions. On the other hand, people can become so desensitized to junk mail that they end up tossing bills and utilities.

How Does DoNotPay Stop DMA Junk Mail?

DoNotPay is an automated app designed to stop junk mail completely. With DoNotPay, you can stop questioning precisely who to contact or what you need to say.

Submitting a junk mail removal request is extremely simple:

1. After you've signed up for a free DoNotPay account, search for Do Not Mail

2. Snap a photo of the physical spam you've received, or upload one using your computer.

3. Type in the name of the company that sent the junk mail.

4. You're all finished. It was too easy, right? DoNotPay just filed a complaint on your behalf, so you won't have to worry about that junk mail again.

DoNotPay is the most consumer-friendly solution to stopping DMA junk mail because:

  • It takes seconds to snap a photo and submit your request
  • It's a straightforward process with no additional forms
  • You have the peace of mind that DoNotPay is always on your side

Got Any Other Junk Mail? DoNotPay Takes Care of That, Too

DoNotPay can remove your address from FTC junk mail lists and other services that aren't essential. The app can also cancel mail offers not associated with the DMA, such as local charity organizations.

What Other Solutions Does DoNotPay Offer?

DoNotPay isn't strictly a spam removal app. Customers can also be assisted with chargebacks or refunds, writing a business loan letter, lowering their bills, and other valuable services. Every DoNotPay solution uses the same stress-free process as junk mail removal, backed by quality customer support.

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