Remove Yourself from Mailing Lists with this App to Stop Junk Mail

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Empty Your Mailbox With This Ultimate App To Stop Junk Mail

Everyone loves receiving personal letters, cards, and packages in the mail, and most people tolerate receiving bills because they need to keep the lights on. However, most people likely wish there was an because junk mail is simply a nuisance.

If you are receiving unsolicited junk mail, you know that most of it ends up in the trash. The added trash is an environmental concern, but you can reduce waste by using an app to eliminate junk mail.

Between your personal and professional life, you are busy, and trying to figure out how to unsubscribe or remove yourself from mailing lists can be frustrating and time-consuming. Using a junk removal app like DoNotPay is a smart, time-saving way to free up space in your mailbox and reduce paper waste.

What Counts as Junk Mail and Why Are You Receiving It?

Junk mail is any type of unsolicited mail that a company, political party, charity, or other entity sends to your mailing address. The mail is typically for advertising or soliciting a response from you. Companies and organizations often send out mail in bulk or target you to convert you into a customer. Sometimes your information has been sold to third parties, and your address is added to mailing lists, creating an influx of catalogs and offers. In short, you are receiving junk mail because organizations want something from you.

  1. Pre-approved credit card offers
  2. Insurance Quotes
  3. Unsolicited Cable Offers
  4. Internet Offers
  5. Flyers from political parties or candidates
  6. Advertising circulars
  7. Coupons
  8. Store catalogs
  9. Mailers or requests from charities

Should You Opt Out of Junk Mail Permanently or Just Short Term?

When to Opt-out of Junk Mail Temporarily

You have the option of opting out of junk mail temporarily. Sometimes, it might be acceptable to opt-out for shorter periods, such as five or ten years. You might consider temporarily opting out of certain types of junk mail if:

  • You are under contract with a current utility provider but may want to switch at a later time.
  • You do not need a new credit card now but would like to receive offers in the future so you can compare rates.
  • You know your insurance needs will change in the future.
  • You are trying to save money but may wish to shop at specific stores in the future.

When to Opt-out of Junk Mail Permanently

There are times you know you will never respond to junk mail, so it is wise to use an app to opt-out of junk mail permanently in these situations.

  • Companies or creditors with which you will never do business.
  • Stores you do not shop at.
  • Political campaigns or politicians for which you know you will never vote.
  • Charities that you do not wish to support.

How To Stop Receiving Junk Mail Yourself

If you are ready to opt-out of junk mail, you will need to go through several steps because different types of mail require a different process if you opt-out manually.

Marketing MailYou will need to go to DMAchoice and select individual catalogs, magazine offers, and other correspondence you do not wish to receive. You will have to pay a $2 processing fee, and it will last for ten years.
Prescreened credit card and insurance offers (temporary opt-out)Go to OptOutPrescreen and fill out the online form. This solution is only good for five years, however.
Prescreened credit card and insurance offers (permanent opt-out)If you are ready to permanently opt-out of junk mail related to prescreened offers, go to OptOutPrescreen and fill out the form for permanent removal.
If you continue receiving unsolicited mailYou will need to contact each service provider, charity, or store, sending you catalogs and flyers. Look over the mail for a phone number or address, and contact them to formally request that you be removed from all mailing lists.
Junk mail addressed to previous residentsYou may have to go through more steps and may not even complete the process if an SSN or other personal information is required. All these steps you need to take can be incredibly frustrating and require a lot of time on your part.

How To Use An App To Stop Junk Mail Quickly

If you are frustrated and need help to stop junk mail quickly, using DoNotPay's can help you efficiently and promptly stop unsolicited mail. Doing it yourself requires different steps for different types of mail and may not even be fully effective. Save yourself time, effort, and mental energy, and allow DoNotPay to stop the junk mail for you.

Follow these four easy steps from DoNotPay, and you'll be covered.

  1. Search for Do Not Mail on DoNotPay.
  2. Snap a quick photo and upload an image of your unwanted mail.
  3. Simply enter the name of the company that sent the junk mail.
  4. Relax, because that's it. DoNotPay will automatically file a complaint with the company on your behalf so that you will stop receiving junk mail from them.

Let DoNotPay Work for You

DoNotPay does all the work for you. They reach out to the companies for you, and all you need to do is snap a photo. They are not just an app to eliminate junk mail from political parties or stores. Remember, they can help you stop junk mail from insurance companies, cable providers, or opt-out of junk mail from any other type of entity. Rest assured that DoNotPay is working quickly and effectively on your behalf.

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